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We understand that you are more than likely comparing several different resume writing companies before making a decision on which one to go with. Therefore, we have decided to save you the trouble of spending hours of time researching which companies are a better fit for your needs and have compiled an in-depth comparison to show you how we stand apart from the competition. Pricing is usually one of the first features a potential client looks for in a professional resume service, although a higher price does not always reflect a higher quality of product. Consider that the sheer volume of business resume companies receive can be a determining factor in the amount they charge. Generally, resume companies that have lower to mid-level fees compared to others may be because they provide a higher quality service and have a high percentage of repeat clientele, which in turn allows them to slightly lower their prices. You must be careful though of organizations that claim to be legitimate if they have extremely low prices around the $50 range. These resume services are usually poor quality and can't be expected to provide an executive-level service with such a low fee. Any Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) generally will not work for that low of a price. While comparing other resume services, conducting a thorough amount of research on which one will work best for you can dramatically increase your chances of landing an interview.

Important Things To Look For

  • Look for resume companies with a long history and a proven track record of success, with at least 10 years of experience. Reputable sites will usually publish information regarding memberships, affiliations, and partners. Untrustworthy sites will usually include fictitious certifications or memberships. These will often sound similar to authentic associations and can be confusing to job seekers. Our site provides you with the correct affiliations and credentials.
  • Be cautious of resume services and/or writers that may be overseas. Resumes from these services are often written with poor grammar or written by people claiming to be writers and whose primary language is not English. Such companies typically advertise low-cost services, often around $50. Place a simple phone call to a resume company to find out if the staff speaks clear English.
  • Websites claiming to be Independent Review Sites and/or Nonprofit Organizations are often not. Those review sites (and the resume writing services they promote or rank highest) are often operated by the same group of individuals. This allows the site to create the illusion of a legitimate assessment of the service quality, when in fact they are only marketing their own services. This is a deceptive practice and should be considered when conducting your comparison.

Compare Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits Careers Plus Resumes Other Companies
Pricing $99 to $149 - No Hidden Fees $20 to $600 - Some Hidden Fees
Certified Resume Writers yes Some - Fake Credentials
Phone Consultations with Resume Writer yes Some
Expertise in All Industries yes no
Interview Tips and Career Resources yes no
Resume Storage/Loss Protection Lifetime (Included) Charge Extra
File Formats Word, PDF, and ASCII Charge Extra
Guaranteed Results and Interviews yes no
Free Resume Critique/Review yes no
Unlimited Resume Revisions yes no
Turnaround Time 24-48 Hours 72 Hours to 7 Days
Customer Support Phone/Email/Live Online Chat Hard to Reach
Client Confidentiality yes Some Sell Your Information
U.S. Based Company yes Not Many - Overseas

Top Resume Services - Company Comparison Chart

Below you will find a list of resume services categorized by company name. Our market researchers have conducted an in-depth analysis of our top competitors and delivered the data for you to compare. The information they have gathered allows you to compare our resume services against theirs, showing you the different services that are available and providing you with the most resourceful information about resume services online. has been providing targeted resume services for over a decade and thrives as a recruitment firm for client companies nationwide. We have established a large network of referrals and repeat clientele who return to us when they need resume editing or fine-tuning of their application documents. Our resume writers have experience in Human Resources Management and a solid knowledge of many industry sectors. Reviewing resumes has been our specialty for years upon years, and taking that expertise and matching it with your job search needs during a resume writing project is the most effective way to help you successfully land an interview.

Company Name Features & Benefits Services/About
Careers Plus Resumes
Careers Plus Resumes offers resume writing & editing services that stand up to your job search needs. Experienced writing resumes in all career fields with a niche for targeted, strategic resume development. For over a decade, Careers Plus Resumes has become a known source for professional and executive resume writing services among today's top HR professionals and business leaders.
  • Interviews Guaranteed
  • Quick 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Unlimited Resume Revisions
  • Lifetime Resume Database Storage/Loss Protection
  • Direct Resume Writer Contact
  • Word Doc., PDF, ASCII File Formats
  • Experienced Writing Resumes in All Industries
Entry Level
Government | Federal
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Many Additions claims to provide industry leading resume writing services that get results. They also state that their resume writing techniques and cover letters go beyond resume samples to deliver customized resume services that help you to stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Results Guaranteed
  • Resume Writing or Editing
  • Free Resume Samples
  • Certified Resume Writers
Entry Level
An executive and professional resume writing service company creating professional resumes that get the attention of employers by positioning your strengths to match with what employers look for and expect before an interview.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Resume Samples
  • Free Consultation
  • Resume Writing Advice
Executive, Professional, and Entry Level
A nationwide network of resume writers that provide resume services for all industries and experience levels. is a top choice for job seekers by providing resume writing in all career fields.
  • Interviews Guaranteed
  • Word Document
  • Free Resume Samples
  • Certified Resume Writers
Information Technology
As the premier resume writing service of, combined with a successful history assisting hundreds of thousands of clients reach their career goals, the team at CareerPerfect believes they can help you succeed.
  • Quality Results
  • Interview Preparation
  • Expert Writers
  • Cover Letters
Partner with Monster Jobs
They claim to be one of the leading resume writing services in the U.S. according to several journalists.
  • 30-day Guarantee
  • Resume/CV Writing
  • Free Resume Samples
  • Certified Resume Writers
Since 1995, they have helped professionals worldwide with resume and cover letter packages that are targeted and effective.
  • Free Critique
  • Resume/CV Writing
  • Dedicated Writers
  • Multiple File Formats
Curriculum Vitae