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4 Unexpected Social Media Platforms That Can Help You Land a Job

Posted by Abby Perkins | | Category: Career Management, Social Networking | Comments: 0

Social networking can be a great tool when it comes to developing professional relationships and furthering your career. And everyone knows to use LinkedIn for business connections, resume updates and more. But did you know that other social media platforms can be equally beneficial when it comes to landing a job? While LinkedIn is the …

Why Automated Resume Builders Can’t Beat the Real Thing

Posted by Abby Perkins | | Category: Resumes | Comments: 0

Resumes are often the first impression employers have of prospective candidates. It’s a chance to make an impact – but it has to be done well. Discussing your work experience and skills in a way that engages employers can be a difficult task. And it’s even harder when you’re on the job market, churning out …

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