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How You Can Ruin Your Job Prospects through Social Media

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Sometimes, social media blunders can ruin your career and even push your employer to the brink of firing you from a job that you might desperately need. According to a Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, almost 93% of employers are using social media accounts to vet out their candidates. To make sure that you get the …

4 Unexpected Social Media Platforms That Can Help You Land a Job

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Social networking can be a great tool when it comes to developing professional relationships and furthering your career. And everyone knows to use LinkedIn for business connections, resume updates and more. But did you know that other social media platforms can be equally beneficial when it comes to landing a job? While LinkedIn is the …

Why LinkedIn is Important for Your Career

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LinkedIn is the most utilized social networking website for job seekers of all experience levels and career fields. It is the place where professionals and executives can connect with each other through a virtual network even if they are thousands of miles apart. In 2012, LinkedIn reported there were more than 175 million registered users …

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