Why Do Resume Services Differ So Much In Cost?

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Cost of Resume ServicesI decided to write the answer to the age-long question because we are asked nearly every day – “Why do resume services differ so much in cost?” The answer to this is quite simple, but first I will explain the difference between the cost of good resume services versus bad ones.

Good Resume Services: A good resume service will always provide its cost on their website. Any reputable company with nothing to hide will give their visitors as much information as possible before making a decision. Their staff will be English speaking and never outsource to individuals who don’t. Sometimes reputable companies have a higher volume of business than another company, therefore they can afford to be a little more competitive. Checking a website’s About Us page can usually provide you with the clarification of credentials and background experience of the writers needed to meet the stringent demands of their clients and provide a higher standard of service. Reputable agencies will also provide a timeline of their company’s history along with a few short biographies of the people who are in charge.

Bad Resume Services: These services usually hide their cost and instead try to make you fill out a quote form so they can get your information first. They will then bombard you with emails urging you to spend several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to receive a new resume written by an expert. This is a common sales tactic that should be avoided at all costs. Other bad resume services will advertise extremely low prices usually around the $50 range. Let me make myself very clear – AVOID these low cost services! No expert resume writer in this industry works for that low of a price. What you will be getting is either a foreign speaking individual who is not proficient in the English language, or a college kid in a dorm room trying to make a buck on the internet. Services like these will have very thin content on their websites, lack information about the management, and make false promises of employment or they will give you money back plus $50 more. That should tell you right there they are nothing but a scam. No legitimate company gives refunds plus extra money. Have you ever gone to Wal-Mart to bring back an item that didn’t work as promised, and the cashier gave your money back plus an extra $50? You will find that when you request a refund from a service like this, they will give you the runaround and point you toward their Terms of Service which holds you to impossible steps you must follow before you can receive one.

So, why do all of these resume services differ so much in cost? Well, it is really just a matter of charging what they want to. The more expensive ones in the several hundred to thousand dollar ranges are most definitely ridiculous amounts of money to pay for anyone to prepare a resume. You can usually find the best resume services charging between $100 and $250, but again, consider the volume of business, credentials, and whether or not they are outsourcing to determine if their cost is reasonable. Usually the more expensive resume services have to charge more because they are outsourcing their work, paying someone to oversee the work of the person they outsourced to, then compensating for any number of back and forth revisions that might need to be made. Resume services who charge a little less usually have in-house writers so they don’t have to compensate for the cost of outsourcing, however, as I stated before be very careful of the services that charge very low prices around the $50 range. Expert resume writers simply do not work for that little of a price.

In summary, do your research on the company’s website you are looking at by visiting their About Us page. You can also usually tell whether or not a resume service is legitimate by looking at how nice their website is. I know that sounds silly, but consider how much time and effort they put into their own advertisement – then imagine how that same effort will be put into your new resume. If you find a resume service website with misspelled words, sloppy formatting, or just an ugly design overall, you can be sure you will receive the same quality resume in return.

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