April 2021

Sorry, “The Dog Ate My Resume” is Not an Excuse

We all know preparing a resume is a daunting task. Speaking about ourselves and trying to piece 20 years of work history together while not sounding like a robot is frustrating. Since high school, you most likely made an excuse at some point as to why you were missing your homework. Maybe you were...

March 2021

January 2020

Get Your Resume Ready for the 5G Revolution

“Let me start off by saying, this is no conspiracy theory. Self-driving vehicles, robot cashiers, and smart homes are coming – and quicker than you think! In fact, this is all in motion and set to impact the public marketplace full force in 2020” says Justin Olsen, Founder & CEO of Careers Plus Resumes, LLC – an online...

November 2019

5G Will Create Jobs, But Destroy Even More

Starting in 2020, 5G will cover major metropolitan areas, then spread into developing countries the following year. It’s going to be massive, a technology revolution one could say. We haven’t seen anything like this since the introduction of the Altair 8800 personal computer in 1975 by Ed Roberts. The beauty of 5G technology will be...

July 2019

November 2018

GM and Ford Set for Massive Layoffs

Since the auto industry “bailout” in 2008, after receiving a reported $13.4 billion in short-term financing through the Troubled Asset Relief Program, General Motors (GM) survived another decade without having to make major cuts. Except this time, the cuts are not only to its employees, but its product line as well. GM is set...