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How to Write a Personalized Cover Letter

“A cover letter is sort of like a short biography which tells a story of how a candidate got to where they are today and is more of a formal introduction than just submitting a resume by itself” says Josh Davis, a professional bio and business plan writer for Careers Plus Resumes, LLC. Cover letters...

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The Difference Between a Resume and CV

One of the most common questions I am constantly asked by clients is "What's the difference between a resume and CV?" Both documents are utilized as a depiction of a candidate's work and education history, so in short, the answer would technically be "There is not much difference between the two documents other than a...

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How Many Pages Should A Resume Be?

There are many rumors floating around on the internet and throughout the job marketplace regarding the correct length of a resume and how far back a resume should go. These are all good questions and subjects to cover since there are many different approaches you must take depending on your particular background and target industry....

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Should You Explain Job Gaps on a Resume?

Everyone wants a stellar resume and sometimes we tend to over-analyze our own situations, which can produce negative results during a new job search. One of those issues would be explaining job gaps on a resume. This might seem like a good idea if you have extensive lengths of time between companies and worried an employer...

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Are Automated Resume Reviews Accurate?

After more than 10 years at the same job, you may have decided to pull that old and dusty resume from your file archives and try to find out if it's still effective or not. While doing an internet search for "free resume review" in Google, you stumble across many different websites offering a free...

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How to Conduct a Successful Job Search

After you have carefully planned your career path and prepared an effective resume, it's time to begin your job search. Your online job search is most effective when you are focused on a specific industry or job title. Job boards use algorithms to filter resumes based on how your resume matches the requirements of the...

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How to Make a Career Change to Remote Work

A career change is defined as a transition into a different industry or line of work that is not directly related to what you have been doing. Although making a career change into a completely different field seems tough, it’s not as hard as one might think. Based on our experience working with career changers on...

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How to Ace the Interview

First impression is everything and employers are seeking candidates who are confident, assertive, and passionate about their career choice. They will use the interview to see if you're a good fit for their company. Therefore, you will want to impress the hiring manager/interviewer as soon as they meet you. Below are a few tips on...

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How to Effectively Negotiate Your Salary

After an interview, if the potential employer is interested in moving forward with you, they will most likely ask about your expected salary. The first thing you must do before attempting to successfully negotiate your salary is conduct research before you even attend an interview. Review sites such as,, and to get...

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Top 3 Career Planning Strategies

Career planning involves the identification of professional opportunities that meet your ambitions in life. A career transition is not as simple as searching for a new job. In most cases, it is a major life-altering decision that impacts your family, lifestyle, and basic survival needs. Before searching for a new career, you need to set...

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