Recognize your Value

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while pursuing a career change is not realizing your worth as an employee or giving yourself enough credit. You are a highly-valued asset to the company you will be working for and you should be compensated as such. In order to harness your full potential and promote yourself as the top candidate for the job, there are various methods that should be considered to ensure you are recognized by employers.

Confidence plays a huge part in how successful you will be during the job search process. With the right knowledge, you can overcome any objections along the way. Below, you will learn the best strategies for resume preparation, job searching, interviewing, salary negotiation, career management, and more to gain the self-assurance you need throughout this new endeavor. Certain steps should be followed (in order of importance) to ensure the best possible outcome of your career change.

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- Matt W.

Step-by-Step Guide for a Successful Career Transition

The first and most important step in your new career is determining what you want to do going forward. Having a long-term target to focus on ensures you will be fully prepared for this next chapter in your life.

Career management is conscious planning of one's activities and engagements in the jobs one undertakes in the course of his life for better fulfilment, growth and financial stability. It is a sequential process that starts from an understanding of oneself and encompasses occupational awareness.

Career planning is a subset of career management. Career planning applies the concepts of strategic planning and marketing to taking charge of one's professional future. Career planning is an ongoing process and so it needs to be assessed on continuous basis.

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Our comprehensive guide to resume writing provides job seekers with the most modern tips and best practices of preparing a resume in today's ultra-competitive job market. We have all been faced with the challenge of transitioning into a new career and the difficulty of knowing how to grab the attention of recruiters or hiring managers without seeming desperate.

Justin Olsen, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) & Author of the Ultimate Resume Writing Guide, will teach you both basic and advanced resume building skills with content, graphics, and video tutorials. You will also receive answers to frequently asked questions and be able to view industry-specific resume templates to give you a jump start on the resume building process.

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Searching for jobs is not just as easy as calling a help wanted ad anymore. Today, recruiting is conducted using highly sophisticated algorithms that scan your resume through applicant tracking systems (ATS) to distinguish candidates who meet their job requirements from unqualified candidates. Even though you might be qualified, your approach might be wrong and could be causing your job search to suffer.

Learn the latest strategies on how to effectively research jobs, network with colleagues, upload your resume on job sites, and apply for jobs directly. We will give you the best tips and advice on how to garner the attention you deserve.

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Learn how to overcome the most challenging objectives during interviews. We will teach you strategies such as how to conduct proper research, ask informational questions, and demonstrate confidence.

It is extremely important to be relaxed during an interview because it shows that you are confident and prepared to face the challenges that the job may bring.

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Make sure you have an official written job offer before considering to negotiate your salary. This gives you more leverage since you know that they for sure want you as an employee. This also gives you a little more time to prepare for your negotiation.

We will teach you some basic strategies on how to effectively negotiate your salary with a potential employer.

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Careers Plus Resumes offers resume writing services for executives, professionals, and entry-level job seekers. In business since 2005, we have pioneered the resume writing industry by helping tens of thousands of clientele achieve success during their career transitions.

Our team consists of career experts & certified resume writers with many years of experience providing advice to job seekers across all industries. With a plethora of knowledge, resume writing expertise, and certifications, our company has spearheaded the career services industry with cutting-edge career packages and plans that have helped our clients achieve great success.

We regularly conduct research to stay abreast of hiring trends, job search strategies, and economical factors that affect the job market to continuously advance our resume writing skills. With the increasing demand for automation, applicant tracking systems (ATS) have become a common way to match qualified candidates with job descriptions. By keeping up-to-date on technological advances such as this, we are able to flawlessly prepare resumes for our clients.

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