10 Job Perks That Will Attract the Best Creative Talent in the Market

10 Job Perks That Will Attract the Best Creative Talent in the Market


Recruiting the perfect candidate is a time-consuming process and is one which requires patience and a determination. You must look at it from the potential employee’s perspective.

When you want to settle for a job, you don’t just consider the salary or the position but also the perks and other exemplary benefits that come with the job. These are the factors that will really help you narrow down your choices in the job market.

These perks make the workplace a better place to work and serve as a great motivator. These incentives will inherently improve your life and the time that you spend at work will be much more interesting than sitting at your office desk the whole day praying for it to be over. So you must be wondering what they are by now. These job perks are the most sought after by potential employees when they are searching for a job or making a decision to join a new firm or organization.

Companies have recently started to really pay attention to what motivate employees. Money is not the only perk that they look for. Organizations have started thinking about psychological factors that can determine the best way to attract talent and retain them indefinitely. They have roiled out impressive and creative strategies like free meals, unlimited vacation time, on-site childcare and other incentive programs that will make even the choosiest individuals settle with satisfaction.

Here are the top 10 perks that help attract the best talent in the job market;

1.     Flexibility in Scheduling

Employees have the chance to work when they feel they are most productive. This leaves them free for other activities and personal chores which gives their morale a significant boost. According to a rough estimate, flexible timing and scheduling reduce the turnover rate by 10%.

2.     Paid Leaves and Time Off

A vacation for a family can cost around $4,500. When your organization gives you a chance to chip in the cost, you obviously say yes. Employees are encouraged to take vacations and return to work feeling de-stressed and refreshed.

3.     Free Meals and Food

Employees are more likely to stay in the office and enhance their productivity whine their basic needs like food is met there. Healthy snacks can also boost their productivity and energy levels.

4.     Corporate Parties, Outings and Vacations

Office employees will feel valued and happy when they are treated to company outings as it allows interaction with other employees and satisfies their desire to travel.

5.     Gifts and Monetary Incentives for Services Rendered

Spa cards, movie tickets or even coupons for home cleaning can show an employee that their work and talent is appreciated and will certainly boost their self-confidence.

6.     Attractive Healthy Programs and Packages

U.S. employees annually pay around $2.2 trillion for health care and if an organization fosters their medical needs, it will help them become loyal to that organization in no time.

7.     Work Projects at Remote Locations

According to an estimate, 36% employees would rather work from home and any other location than at their office desk and they would prefer this instead of receiving a higher pay. Allowing employees to work from remote locations can work wonders for productivity and reduce absenteeism and employee turnover.

8.     Mental Health Care

Half of the employees in US alone are going through a mental health crisis at some point in their lives. Providing wellness programs can help them deal with stress in an effective way.

9.     Childcare on Site

An annual estimate of childcare in U.S. is $11,666. If it is sponsored by the organization, parents are more likely to be productive at work.

10.           Entertainment

Forming positive distractions such as game rooms, vending machines, bowling alleys and game consoles for spending free time and for de-stressing can be quite beneficial.

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