4 Unexpected Social Media Platforms That Can Help You Land a Job

4 Unexpected Social Media Platforms That Can Help You Land a Job

Social networking can be a great tool when it comes to developing professional relationships and furthering your career. And everyone knows to use LinkedIn for business connections, resume updates and more. But did you know that other social media platforms can be equally beneficial when it comes to landing a job?

While LinkedIn is the largest social platform designed specifically for professional networking, other social media sites can also be used to boost your career prospects – if you know how to use them. Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re looking for a change, try hitting up these social media sites to help you get connections, gain credibility, and show off your talents. You never know – it could even lead to your dream job.


Twitter offers information in real time, and it’s where millions of people go to stay updated on news, from international to industry-specific. Use Twitter to stay up-to-date on and get involved in conversations in your industry (or the industry you’re trying to break into), and even to connect with industry leaders. Search for and follow influencers (think business leaders, popular bloggers or news sites) in your field. Start by tweeting and retweeting articles or posts you find interesting. When you feel ready, jump into appropriate conversations (think public hashtags, not personal conversations) with any interesting insights you have. You may find that doing so earns you some beneficial contacts in your industry – at the very least, your engagement will look good to any prospective employers who see your profile.


While most people who work in visual or creative fields already have online portfolios of their work, many don’t realize they can also use their social media presence to promote themselves professionally. Facebook-owned Instagram, which focuses on high-quality images and videos, is the perfect medium for artists, graphic and web designers, photographers, chefs and more to share their work with a larger community. Just photograph or screenshot the work you want to share, upload it to the app, and share it to your followers. You can also automatically share your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social programs. For added impact, follow influencers in your industry on the platform, and start liking and commenting on their posts, too.


While most people use Facebook to stay in touch with old friends or post pictures of their pets, savvy job seekers know that the social media site can be a valuable ally in the hunt for a new position. It goes without saying that you should employer-proof your profile before you start the job hunt – after all, about two in five companies search candidates on social media as a way to evaluate their personality and character. However, that can – and should – go both ways. Use Facebook to find out more about the companies you’re interested in applying to – many businesses use the platform to post photographs, videos and other content that can give you an inside look at what it would be like to work there. Also consider scanning your Facebook friends to see if you have any connections at companies you’re looking at – it could give you a valuable “in.”


Often thought of as the realm of teenage girls and viral memes (The Worst Cat, anyone?), Tumblr is actually a great blogging service that can be a helpful resource for job seekers who want to develop a voice in their industry. It’s simpler to use than many blogging services on the market today – all you have to do is sign up with your email and a password, and choose a URL. And it’s a great way to write, create and share influential content. Tumblr’s hallmark is a mix of written and visual content – most posts include both text and images, and it’s easy to upload videos or embed photos. Set up a Tumblr to share your thoughts on your industry, or just show off your writing skills to prospective employers. You can also follow other brands, companies and thought leaders on the platform. Just remember to keep your content professional if you’re using it in the job hunt.

According Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 93% of recruiters review candidates’ social profiles before making a hiring decision. And that includes more than just LinkedIn. To make sure you’re making the most out of your job hunt, boost your presence on these surprising social platforms. You just might find that it helps you land a job.

Abby Perkins writes for Talent Tribune, a data-driven blog dedicated to jobs, workplace culture and HR software.

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