5G Will Create Jobs, But Destroy Even More

5G Will Create Jobs, But Destroy Even More

Starting in 2020, 5G will cover major metropolitan areas, then spread into developing countries the following year. It’s going to be massive, a technology revolution one could say. We haven’t seen anything like this since the introduction of the Altair 8800 personal computer in 1975 by Ed Roberts.

The beauty of 5G technology will be razor sharp video downloads driven by lightning fast internet speeds never seen before. It will create millions of tech-related jobs and make many millionaires of investors.

The ugly of 5G will be an autonomous society that casts us into an abyss of less human interaction and the destruction of millions of jobs. Everything will become automated from robot cashiers at gas stations to self-driving cars, from AI surgeons in hospitals to drones from Amazon delivering packages to your front porch.

It’s going to be insane! A major shift in the job market is coming, and this is no time to sit back hoping it will all go away. Many jobs will be made, but many will be gone. If you are in the technology sector, you may want to start planning to get your resume refreshed for the coming transition.

U.S. mobile carriers are in the process of rolling out 5G already. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have all released 5G networks and devices in major metropolitan areas but will pick up the pace in 2020. Qualcomm expects mid-band 5G to spread into Peru, Nigeria, 22 smaller European markets, and developing countries in Asia starting in 2021. At the same time, 5G will spread to Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

China Tower Corporation Limited operates as a telecommunication company that provides towers construction, towers maintenance, ancillary facilities management, and other services in the wireless industry – providing its services throughout China. They released their recent IPO at the end of 2018 and plan to lead the country into becoming a 5G powerhouse. China Tower is the world’s largest developer of cell-phone tower sites which was formed out of the networks of China’s three big, state-owned wireless carriers and has a near monopoly in the country. As you can see, this is moving fast, globally.

The important takeaway is this – “5G is going to be as significant as the industrial revolution followed by electricity and automobiles,” said Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. Retail will be transformed by automation and virtual reality, removing the need to try things on in person. Autonomous vehicles will replace taxi and truck drivers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts nearly 2 million trucking jobs, at $40,000 per year, GONE. Taxi drivers will count for another 200,000+ jobs at $23,000+, GONE.

Amazon promises cashier-less stores, counting for 3 million+ jobs, GONE. Warehouses, factories, logistics companies, distributors, jobs gone. Eventually, it will be police officers replaced by AI robots walking the streets with the ability to cite current laws because they will be connected to 5G and criminal justice databases, detect elevated heart beats to determine suspicious activity, and arrest people for criminal behavior. Sounds a lot like Robo Cop, doesn’t it?

Yes, Hollywood has a way of telling us what’s going to happen 10-20 years down the road, and sure enough that time is upon us. Let’s just hope for the sake of the human race, we don’t end up with a Skynet.

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