Are You Applying For A Job? Then You Should Know That Size Isn’t Everything

Are You Applying For A Job? Then You Should Know That Size Isn’t Everything

Progress at a small organization is swift and much easier than a huge one. The reason is that when you are applying for a job, size may not matter as a small organization will also give you the opportunity to grow and develop. After graduation, the job market is flooded with graduates who think that getting a job in one of the giants is their only option and many treat it as a life and death experiment, the only way to go forward.

What they don’t know is that structured job schemes make up just a small percentage of the job market. The other part is occupied by small organizations or small to medium start-ups that give new graduates an amazing start to their professional life and a productive platform to learn and grow. Need more reason to get a job at a small to medium sized organization? Here are our top picks!

All Hands on Deck from the Start

A small organization will pile up responsibility on your shoulders from the get-go and you will have the opportunity to work with various departments and on different projects after just a few weeks. A small organization will give you the learning curve prompting you to develop swiftly and overcome the challenges that will polish your corporate skills.

It may even be the case that you may not have a direct line manager and you will be allowed to take real ownership of your work. You will be responsible for larger projects than you can dream of heading in a large organization and while that sounds daunting, the practical experience will open new doors for external training and on-the-job learning opportunities, which is a gold mine for a new graduate.

Stand Out From the Crowd

A large organization will hire hundreds of employees every year, depending on their expansion and growth spurt or replacement strategy. Standing out from that many can be a hardship. There are instances when your manager won’t even know your name in a big company. Being exceptional and standing out will be impossible to say the least. In contrast to that, small and startup companies hire a couple of employees and you will have a greater chance to impress people high up in the organization and prove your worth to them.

Simpler Hierarchy

In a small organization, you will be astounded to find that there are no elaborate hierarchical structures and many times, you will be working directly under or with the founder of the organization. You will learn more about the company, the vision or company, its objective and be surrounded by inspirational and self-made people at the same time. This lack of elaborate hierarchy works best in a creative environment as a good idea can be easily transported to the top of the ladder by making your voice heard. At a larger company, it won’t be possible.

Career Progression

When you have the chance to work with the founder, pour out creativity at every meeting and work on elite projects all by yourself, you have a better chance of rapid career progression.

Company Culture

A ping-pong table, office dogs, de-stressing cabins and informal cafes are a part of company culture of start-ups and small organizations who like to indulge their small but valuable workforce. Their goal is to form a collaborative, creative and friendlier environment where people love to work and have the right mindset to be productive.


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