Avoid Low Quality Resume Writing Websites

Avoid Low Quality Resume Writing Websites

Have you been searching for hours, if not days for a legitimate resume writing company? Are you bombarded with too many choices and keep stumbling upon website after website offering the same guarantees? It’s almost like shopping for the same brand of shoe at different stores, but trying to find the best deal.  However, there are many things you should consider before making a hasty decision on a crummy looking website with low prices. Let me take a moment to help you narrow down your search and separate the low quality resume sites from the reputable companies that can actually produce tangible results.

Here I will show you exactly what to look for and which resume writing websites to avoid.

Poor Web Design
First, it’s extremely important to realize that if a real resume writing company can’t put enough effort into their own marketing materials to be unique and creative, what makes you think they will do any better of a job on your resume? What I mean is this. You stumble across a website that has a very poor web-design structure such as unaligned article blocks, text spanning the entire page, blurry images all over the page, and very poor grammar. They have very low prices, which is appealing to you because we all want a deal. You know the look of the site lacks quality design, but does it lack quality resume services? That’s the big question. The answer is a flat out YES!!! If a company can’t even advertise themselves properly, you can bet they will never be able to meet your demands as a job seeker in a competitive job market.

Name Their Websites After Themselves
The next thing you should beware of is a website that names itself after the person who created it. For example, JohnDoeCPRW.com or SallyDoesResumes.com. They will advertise themselves as the sole operator and expert certified resume writer who will be helping you with your documents. In addition, their only payment method will be PayPal because they probably do not meet the credit requirements to have an actual merchant account that a credible financial institution would offer an established business entity. They will also defend all of this by saying they wish to stay small for “personal branding” reasons, but that is nothing more than an excuse to hide the fact that they have no idea how employers operate. All of this should instantly tell you that this resume writing website is not a real company and is just one person more than likely operating part-time from a one bedroom apartment and constantly distracted by college friends stopping by.  What I mean is you are more than likely getting help from someone who is very young and does not understand the basic concepts of operating a legitimate business, therefore would also not understand how to market a job candidate effectively on paper if he/she can’t even come up with a creative business idea for themselves.

False Guarantees of Employment
Many start-up resume writing companies have started trying to compete against the well-known and reputable firms such as Careers Plus Resumes by advertising “guaranteed employment within 30 days or they will refund you and pay you an additional $100!” Now, let’s really think about this for a second. What kind of legitimate business would really give a full refund then pay an additional $100 to every client who says they don’t like what they’ve received? You guessed it – NONE!!!  It is totally unheard of that a company would not only refund payment in full, but also pay additional money to someone who is not satisfied with a service. More often, this is considered a deceptive “bait-and-switch” tactic. A real company does not work for free and instead of leaving a client “hanging out to dry” with nothing, a good service will make revisions until the client is satisfied instead of just refunding them and sending them on their way with something they can’t use.

Fake Credentials
There are many resume sites with credentials listed all over the page in an attempt to show a prospective buyer (you) that it holds the necessary qualifications to produce a quality end-result. Many of them are fake, so beware. It is important to understand the proper credentials of the resume writing industry. The one you will almost always certainly see is the CPRW designation which stands for Certified Professional Resume Writer awarded by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. This is the oldest and most renown resume service credential your writer should possess. If you see a site without this, or a site claiming to have this, make sure to verify on your own whether or not the company’s writers have this certification. If they don’t, avoid them.

No Verifiable Track Record of Success
Any legitimate resume writing company that has been in business for many years will have a verifiable record of success either in the form of statistical data or real testimonials from actual clients. I’m not talking about the ones where the website owner has his mom or sister post false reviews either. Not only is this illegal, it is deceptive and you can usually tell which reviews are fake and which are not. An example of verifiable results data would look like the chart below:

Statistical data provided by Careers Plus Resumes, Inc.
results data

Stolen Stock Photos of People
This one is probably one of my favorites, so I’m “saving the best for last” I guess you could say. I see so many websites using the same exact stolen images or stock photos of people to advertise their services online. You know, the ones where three employees are jumping in the air with their thumbs up or that side profile of a little guy typing on a laptop with the spiky hairdo? You can usually tell which photos are real and which are stock photos that have gone viral across the internet that most amateur web designers use to promote their services or products. Maybe it’s just my extreme attention to detail that helps me pinpoint these images, but if you can, try to identify the sites that use the same photos and avoid them. If a company that claims to produce unique and personalized content for your resume is stealing images from other websites, this should be a clear indicator that they are a potential fraud and might steal your personal information as well.

I hope this article helps you quickly eliminate the low quality resume writing websites from the ones who actually provide a valuable service. If you are tired of looking all together, get started below and we will be glad to provide the assurance of a real company (Careers Plus Resumes, Inc.) that is a registered corporation with the State of Tennessee and has been operating successfully for nearly a decade.

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