Avoid These Common Mistakes at Job Interviews to Land Your Dream Job

Avoid These Common Mistakes at Job Interviews to Land Your Dream Job

interview-mistakesThere is nothing more terrifying than a job interview. If it’s your first time, you must be dreading the questions and the stares from the interviewer. When you are sitting in front of your interviewer, all you can concentrate on is giving all the right answers, behaving favorably and determining what their body language means. What comes after is the long painstaking wait which seems to go on forever while you are praying and waiting patiently for a positive response.

As a graduate, you should dress appropriately, look smart in formal clothes, give clear direct answers to every question asked and try to leave your negative, angst-y attitude at home. Excelling at a job interview will help you make a first great impression and push you forward in your pursuit of getting your dream job. Here are six common mistakes that you must absolutely avoid if you really want to do well at job interviews;

1)   Being Negative

New graduates may have angst over the unjust educational system, the monumental mounds of student loans or they may have had a bullying supervisor in the past. No matter what your career history is, never bring that to the table. Introducing negativity into the interview will not serve you well. When you are asked about your previous employer, never say bad things about them, even if your experience was excruciatingly difficult. Be reasonable, diplomatic, and sometimes, even evasive in your answers when asked about individuals at your previous workplace. Try discussing everything in a positive light. Never lie and keep your integrity intact while discussing difficult ethical questions. Remember, trashing your previous employers will not help the potential ones trust you and can result in instant rejection.

2)   Not Dressing Properly

This is something that most people don’t understand, even when it is stressed upon so many times. No matter which sector you are applying for, your credentials won’t matter much if you are wearing a t-shirt with a cartoon on it. Choose formal clothing to define how serious you are about the job. Take the opportunity to wear a suit or at least a formal dress pant and a tie. The best advice is to be well groomed and be conservative in your haircut and styling. Make sure your clothes are pressed and your shoes are polished. These little things might not seem much to you, but an interviewer has a keen eye that sees all. If you want to work in a professional environment, get ready to sacrifice the trendy and modern quirky clothes.

3)   Be Communicative Without Being Overly Talkative

Talking for just the right amount of time is necessary. The rule of thumb is to consider each question as a mini-essay. Think about it for it a second and begin with an introduction, state a middle and end with a clear ending. Every word you say should have meaning and must serve a purpose. Be composed and never babble or stutter. If you are at a loss for words, don’t speak mindlessly. Take a deep breath and think before you answer.

4)   Not Researching

Research the company, its mission, values, culture and its market standing before you go there for an interview. There is a great chance that the interviewer will ask you questions regarding the company and if you haven’t done your research, you will seem ignorant. Check their social media platforms, their history and familiarize themselves with their milestones. Always go the extra mile while researching the company that you are interviewing to answer any tricky questions.

5)   Ask Questions

When the interviewer is done asking you questions, you must show interest and ask them some of your own. Don’t ask questions about things that an internet search can easily reveal or you may seem ignorant. Ask about current affairs or particular queries regarding the position that you are applying for. When you ask great questions, the interviewer will remember you and your chances of getting a call will increase exponentially.

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