Benefits of Hiring a Resume Expert

Benefits of Hiring a Resume Expert

Throughout the 10 years we have been in business helping job seekers improve their resumes, we have been asked many times what the main benefits are to hiring a resume expert. We like to look at it as hiring a personal advertising agency to effectively market yourself in a highly competitive industry. There is an old saying widely used in colleges and universities to give students a simple concept to remember when it comes to branding a product or service name – “Out of sight, out of mind.” While this is a pretty obvious statement, many people forget how directly relevant it is to their own career change. Without an impressive and hard-hitting presentation of yourself, the chances of you being remembered or even noticed by employers are very slim if you are competing for the same job as hundreds of other candidates. A very simple concept indeed, but potentially difficult to achieve by many. When it comes to writing about ourselves or giving ourselves a “boost” on paper we tend to think we are being too arrogant or coming across as too strong. In theory, this fear of over-embellishing our career history may really fall back on a lack of self-confidence in our own skills and abilities. Human nature allows us to doubt ourselves at times when it’s most important to have the utmost conviction that our own expertise is exactly how we got to where we are today. For some, this is impossible to overcome without the help of an outside perspective on things to alleviate the fears and doubts that we can’t shake when it comes to writing our own resumes.

What are the main benefits of hiring a resume expert?

Making Sure Things Are Done Right:

I’ve said it a hundred times, and I’ll say it again. Having the help of an expert who writes resumes for a living is priceless. An experienced resume writer has seen and heard it all. It’s the same concept as hiring a contractor to install a new roof on your house. Sure, you could do it yourself, but you could really mess things up if you don’t know what you’re doing and it may take you much longer to complete than someone who does it every day and knows exactly what needs to be done. When you go to the doctor, you are looking for a diagnosis and/or advice of a particular symptom. Sure, you could take a stab at it and treat yourself – but without knowing what the real cause of your problems are, it’s hard to pinpoint a solution. Attorneys give legal advice and represent their clients in the court of law, not because people are incapable of doing it themselves, but because people want to make sure things are done right. Isn’t your career just as important as putting a roof on your house, maintaining your health, and handling legal issues correctly? I think we all know the answer to this one.

Effectively Marketing Yourself: 

When you see an ad on television that really grabs your attention by making you laugh or demonstrating something really cool and unique, it makes you really pay attention to what’s being sold. This concept also applies to having the most important advertisement of yourself, the resume. While it may seem silly to some, there are actually very important strategies and tactics that go into preparing an effective resume to market one’s abilities and qualifications so that they reader not only understands the breadth of their background, but is also so impressed by the presentation that they make a special mental note of that particular candidate.

Statistics & Numbers Matter:

Percentages, numbers, and statistics always make a difference on a resume – but the same holds true to a professional resume service that can verify its success rate among clients. When a company that helps with resumes can actually provide statistics of its performance, they should look something like this:

When you hire a resume expert, you are gaining years of expertise and collected experience in writing resumes by someone who can directly relate to your specific career situation and apply the best strategies and methods into your document to make sure it’s the best it could possibly be. There are several good reasons to have an expert by your side, but these points should cover the main benefits and help you decide if it’s time you take the next step in landing a new job.

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