Best Ways to Deal with Horrible Bosses – And We Aren’t Talking About the Movie

Best Ways to Deal with Horrible Bosses – And We Aren’t Talking About the Movie

The movie, Horrible Bosses, has now come out with a sequel (Horrible Bosses 2) after the knock-down hilarious “original” that depicts the story of 3 guys who become so fed up with their bosses that they end up trying to kill them. While many people who have ever experienced a horrible boss might gain some gratification from this film, we do not suggest the methods in which they seek to resolve the dissatisfaction with their current employers.

Instead, there are more systematical approaches that work well to get on your boss’s good side so he stays off your back.

  1. Plan Ahead – Know your job and do it before your boss asks. If your boss has to consistently ask you to perform expected duties, he/she will become frustrated eventually and stay on you about every little thing. This creates tension between the two of you and can affect the performance of both your jobs, leading to arguments or worse, getting fired! Try getting things done faster and ahead of schedule so your boss has nothing to bash you over the head about.
  2. Respond, Don’t React – When your boss aggravates or talks down to you, don’t react with a hasty answer or snide remark. Yet, think it through, and react to him/her as if they are a customer of yours. Speak very politely with a smile and kill them with kindness (that’s a figure of speech in case you try take it at face value). Over time, this may result in more friendly treatment from the troll of a boss that you’ve grown to hate.
  3. Show Priority – Give your boss’s requests priority over everything else, put down what you are doing, and take care of other stuff later. Whenever your horrible boss asks you to do something at the most inconvenient time, you must remember that he/she is paying you for your time. So regardless of the discomfort of multi-tasking, sometimes we must all bite our tongues and play nice to please the boss.

We’ve all had bosses that are horrible to some extent, making our jobs difficult and unpleasant sometimes to an extreme. While we cannot control how Nazi like our bosses may be, we can lead by example and control our own attitudes which might influence how we are treated.



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