How You Can Ruin Your Job Prospects through Social Media

How You Can Ruin Your Job Prospects through Social Media

social-mediaSometimes, social media blunders can ruin your career and even push your employer to the brink of firing you from a job that you might desperately need. According to a Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, almost 93% of employers are using social media accounts to vet out their candidates. To make sure that you get the job of your dreams and not do anything to mess up your future career prospects, read ahead.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Are All Important

If the difference between “their“and “there” or “your” and “you’re” have always confused you, try to brush up your knowledge on grammar, spelling and punctuation rules. Your social media accounts should not seem like they belong to a 12 year old; they should exude the sophistication and knowledge of your age and wisdom. A couple of errors can really put a potential employer off or ring alarm bells in their heads when they see that you are lazy or incompetent with your words. If the errors are persistent or you often use profanities, you are bound to leave a bad impression.

Complaining, Criticizing And Nagging

Having anxiety and anger issues and translating them into posts can tip your recruiter off to your nature; as a person who is not going to do well under pressure or in a difficult situation at work. Your social media post should reflect a tactful, compassed and calm nature. You should be able to communicate your opinions without making your posts feel like a complaint. A recruiter can learn a lot about how you will deal with stress just by looking at your posts.

Political References

Being actively interested in politics and filling your social media accounts with political innuendos and references is a red flag for most employers. Although you have the right of free speech and the right to express your opinions, those employers who don’t agree with your views will easily pass you over in favor of another candidate.

Comments And Endorsement

The best way to vet a candidate is to identify their endorsement on LinkedIn and any comments that a person has made on any other social media site. If your comments reference a wild party or anything which is remotely illegal, it will cause problems for you in the end. Make sure that your endorsements reflect what you are good at and not your weaknesses.

Partying Hard And Posting About It

Drinking booze, doing drugs, partying hard with friends and even being near a substance that resembles anything illegal might seem fun and casual at the time, but where you are looking for a job, these photos will become the shackles for your dreams. Don’t show your riskier side on social media platforms as these accounts are usually open to public scrutiny and can be easily accessed by anyone outside your friends list. Restrain yourself from posting about guns, drugs, sex or booze.

Complaining About Your Job

If you have ever complained about any aspect of your job, your boss or any of your co-workers, be assured that it will not escape notice by a potential employer and might cost you the job.

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