Important Questions to Ask At the End of Your Job Interview

Important Questions to Ask At the End of Your Job Interview

A job interview is an event which must have scared you at one point in your professional life. Those feelings must have stemmed from the attitudes of the interviewer, the questions and their body language. Being under scrutiny never puts anyone at ease but that doesn’t mean you can’t have questions of your own.

That’s right.

If you thought that only the interviewer has the right to ask you questions, you must have missed the memo. The truth is that many interviewers ask the candidate to ask them any questions that they might have about the job description, company culture or the company goals. At the end of the interview, you will be asked if you have any questions.

Most interviewers treat this part as an assessment of the candidate. They want to know if the candidate is sharp, bright and interested enough in the company and the job to know more about it. It is always a good practice to go in prepared. You must have heard from countless teachers and other graduates or adults that you need to research the company before you go in for an interview. This is the reason for that.

The more you know about the company and the extent of its operation, the better the questions you will be able to ask. Asking boring questions is out of question! Ask smart questions that will make the interviewer see you in a good light and we assure you that your chances of getting a job will increase exponentially. Before you walk out that room, ask these smart questions to help you sit at the top of the candidate heap.

Q1.          What are the basic skills needed to excel at this job?

This question will tell the interviewer that the candidate is interested in truly learning about how to get the job done and be productive once he/she is hired rather than simply bluffing their way in and attempting to learn on the go. It will show that you are interested in acquiring skills that will help you master that particular job.

Q2.          Why is that particular position available in the company?

A new position can mean anything; either the company is replacing someone or they are going through a growth spurt. This is a riveting line of discussion that will provide you hints about what the employer expects and requires from you.

Q3.          What is the most essential part of this job?

You may think that this is similar to the skills question but its meaning is much deeper. It will prompt the interviewer to give some insight into the unquantifiable areas. For example, if you are applying for a job in the customer support department, the interviewer might say that an infinite amount of patience, humor and clever-mindedness is needed to get the job done.

Q4.          Is there any chance of growth in this job?

Someone who asks this question is instantly termed as a person who is interested in growing and developing in that particular career. This question will relay your seriousness about the job and differentiate you from people who are interested in job-hopping once the opportunity presents itself. This question will tell the manager that you are willing to work hard and move up the ladder.


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