Is Your Resume Keyword Optimized?

Is Your Resume Keyword Optimized?

Are you being told by recruiters that your resume lacks “pizzazz” or that “wow factor” that employers are looking for? This could be the result of probably the most common issue with resumes today – not including the right wording to make the document keyword optimized.

Keywords in a resume play a vital role in getting you noticed by both the human eye and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) databases that parse your documents and sniff out the specific phrases that are related to their job requirements. There are also certain bad words that should not be used on resumes but we will cover that later.

Similar to a business making sure its website content contains the right keyword phrases for search engine optimization purposes so that it is properly indexed by Google and Bing/Yahoo, a resume must also include a variety of word combinations which will position the document among or above the top rated resumes in the ATS for a given job posting. This might seem like a foreign subject for most because the old way of writing a resume has evolved into a much more technologically advanced process, but it is doable if you possess the know-how.

The format of a resume also plays a huge role in how easily noticeable these keyword phrases should be. You should always have a short but powerful message at the top of your resume that contains all of the most important keywords that apply to your industry – even if it seems like jargon. In certain situations it is important to include a more generic list of keywords. However, for the most part you must really hone in on conveying the keywords that make you stand out as a candidate over others who are applying for the same types of positions.

Overall, having your resume keyword optimized is absolutely imperative to your job search success when sending out your documents. Remember to keep the document as concise as possible and avoid any potential negative keyword phrases that could instantly eliminate you from selection. If you are unsure of how to do this properly, consult a professional resume writer who will know best what to do based on your particular situation.

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