Justin Olsen of Careers Plus Resumes Speaks Out to Customers

Justin Olsen of Careers Plus Resumes Speaks Out to Customers

My name is Justin Olsen, and I am the Founder and President of Careers Plus Resumes, LLC. I would first like to start by thanking all the hard-working people who made this business into what it is today, including our customers. Running a business isn’t always easy and having a powerful team of individuals who are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service is something we have always striven for. With over a decade of service and nearly 100% total customer satisfaction, we are proud to be able to lead the resume writing industry in providing impeccable services to our clientele.

Our firm started off just like any other startup business. After 8 grueling years working in a competitive sales environment, I had finally had enough of slaving away 70 to 80 hour weeks and having almost no time to spend with family. While I greatly appreciated the success I had achieved in my career, I felt it was time to move on and make a career change. Since I had been leading my own sales team in a hiring position during much of the time spent with my previous employer, I thought there would be no better business platform than helping others secure jobs within the local area. I had saved up enough money over the years to utilize for office space and advertising, and before I knew it, the phones were ringing.

Acquiring relationships with employers came fairly easy since I had established previous connections with colleagues in leadership positions with other companies throughout my career. Connecting these employers with job seekers was the main focus of the idea, and pretty soon I realized that poorly written resumes were one of the leading factors of interview rejection for my clients. That’s when I decided to start providing resume writing services aimed at increasing application response rates. At first, when dealing with local companies, this had proven to be a fairly successful accomplishment. However, as time went on and we started branching out online dealing with more competitive industry sectors, we had to step up our game to give our clients an edge over the competition.

There are literally a hundred different ways to write a resume, but only one of them will work best in most cases. This was realized very quickly after seeing the struggles our clients were facing in other parts of the country such as Detroit where there were massive layoffs and lack of jobs, as well as places like Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, Orlando, Washington D.C., and New York City where the competition is extremely fierce. Our customers not only need resume writing help, but advice as to which strategies are best and which are not. Many rumors flood the internet as to how a resume should be written, but only a handful of them are true which is why we recently launched the Careers Plus Resumes Career Advice Blog to provide our clients with insight as to how we go about preparing the most effective resumes for their particular situations.

Sometimes we have customers from time to time who do not fully understand how complex the resume writing process can be, even for a resume writer who does it for a living. Analyzing each individual background, realizing a client’s goals, and formulating the right strategy is a timely process on its own. Writing the resume and/or making the necessary changes to an existing one is also a very tedious process that requires extreme attention to detail and perseverance. We realize that in business, you can’t satisfy everyone and there will always be complaints. There are people who read misleading information online and take it at face value, then make assumptions that they know how things should be done based on a few articles they read online. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes we see our clients make on a daily basis. Not only does it steer them away from the truth, but it can harm the relationship between them and a good resume writer who is providing an extremely valuable service that more than likely will help them perform better during a job search.

The job market is very tough right now and a lack of replies may not be a direct reflection of the resume itself. This has been one of the toughest economic times since the “Great Depression” and is likely to be the major factor in the results job seekers are receiving. More layoffs mean more job seekers applying for the same positions as you, which in turn means a higher level of competition and less responses – especially with a subpar presentation. It’s a numbers game. With that being said, there is only so much you can do to a resume. There are no special tricks or tactics to make you get a job or land interviews. There are on the other hand, proper and improper ways to convey your information, skills, key strengths, and accomplishments so that the reader can grasp the breadth of your background much easier than reading through a list of boring job responsibilities to find what they are looking for which can make a huge difference in how they respond to your application.

Once the resume that has been prepared is setup for best results taking all standard factors into consideration for ATS tracking, keyword optimization, and targeted objective relevancy; there is not much else that can be left for improvement outside of listing unique accomplishments that set you apart from the rest. This is what personalizes your resume and makes you stand out from the crowd, but you shouldn’t overdo it.  An effective resume should still remain as concise and straight to the point as possible while getting the message across that you are an achiever unlike any other applying for the same position as you.

Getting job seekers to accept this during a time of transition can be very difficult since the stress level is high and it is an emotional process for many. Not everyone adjusts well to change and we all tend to over-analyze our own resume because we want it to be perfect – of course. Although obsessing over details can be helpful in catching minor things that may have otherwise been overlooked, it can also be harmful if you start changing too many things around without knowing whether or not it’s the best approach. There are many different factors one must take into account when developing a resume and several different ways to target specific job postings and industries. To help with this issue, we offer a guarantee that does not leave our clients hanging if they run into hurdles during their job search. We are dedicated to our customers and diligently try to resolve all complaints and/or concerns as quickly as possible while explaining our strategies and reasons behind the work we perform. Giving advice is one of the fundamental parts of what we provide that directly influences how successful a resume will be. Clients are not just paying for a quick turnaround of a document, but for the guidance and expertise of someone who writes resumes for a living and can provide them with the best possible advice and strategies needed to have the most effective approach possible.

Careers Plus Resumes, LLC has literally tens of thousands of satisfied clients across the United States and abroad. I, Justin Olsen, can personally vouch for this based on my dedication to serving the needs of our clients throughout the years and striving to gain their confidence by providing not only the best resume writing services on the planet, but the best possible advice to help them get one step closer to landing that new job.

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