Mastering the Art of Resume Writing: 101

Mastering the Art of Resume Writing: 101

Mastering the Art of Resume WritingWell I’m no Rembrandt, but it’s the best I can do! Sure, we have all taken courses in high school or college to enhance our resume writing skills, but the truth of the matter is not everyone possesses the skills to create compelling work of art – and that’s exactly what a resume should be. Resume writing requires extreme attention to detail and perseverance, almost to the point of obsession, to develop a concise presentation of an entire career background. The main difficulty job seekers encounter when trying to write their own resume is figuring out how to convey important aspects of their career in short bulleted sentences without over doing it. They tend to ramble on about things that are not directly relevant to their targeted goal which does nothing but frustrate the reader. The key element to resume writing is getting the message across to the reader as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Truly impactful resume writing takes many years of experience and self-education, something that can’t be taught just by reading a few how-to guides or websites; although, that is a good place to start. Resume writing is a rare form of art derived from extensive human resources experience, business management expertise, intelligence, and natural ability to look deep into one’s career to extract pertinent information then present it in a way that is appealing to employers. Any good artist will tell you that being able to depict a background in way that focuses on key elements in the painting which tell an entire story in a few short gestures is what distinguishes the pros from the amateurs. Again, I’m no Picasso – but when it comes to writing resumes, one must come pretty close to the same level of skill to effectively “WOW” the reader with pizzazz.  No, I didn’t mean pizza either, but I just made you hungry, didn’t I?

As author of the Ultimate Resume Writing Guide which can be purchased at, the world’s largest online book supplier, I have included over 10 years of gained knowledge into an easy to read 24-page rundown of what it takes to create an impeccable resume. Resume writing is a craft which can only be truly mastered through dedication and tactful insight into the mind of the reader. This concept holds true with any form of creative writing, really. To produce something unique, informative, and powerful takes a creative-thinking style and extreme patience which is why resume writing can be so difficult for many.

Is mastering the art of resume writing impossible for me? No – but just like anything else it is extremely time consuming and difficult to learn all the different industry buzzwords and best approaches to various situations. This can only be achieved through actual hands-on experience in the field of resume writing along with the most helpful resources to guide you through each possible scenario you might encounter. Writing style, organization of information, design, proper formatting, job targeting, strategic thinking, analytical skills, and logic all play a huge part in the outcome of a resume.

If there were a degree program at the university level for resume writing, I would have a Master’s in Resume Writing. We could call it the MRW and put it next to our names. Wouldn’t that be cool? Seriously though, resume writing is very difficult for the majority of job seekers which is why there are things called resume writing services.  For anyone who has attempted the daunting task of writing a resume, they know how frustrating it can be. Sure, we can all attempt to perform oral surgery in front of the bathroom mirror if we have a cavity, or try installing a new roof on an entire house without knowing where to begin – but do we really want to take that chance? Never be ashamed of asking a professional service to assist you with a difficult project. There is nothing shameful in receiving a little coaching from time to time, especially when it comes to something as important as your career.

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