November 2012

Holiday Job Searching – The Best Time to Market Yourself

The Holiday Season is finally here, and you are still looking for that perfect job.  Most people stop searching for jobs during the holidays to focus on shopping, family, and planning trips - even if they are unemployed or in need of a career change.  What these people do not realize is that aggressively...

October 2012

September 2012

Why You Should NOT Use Expensive or Cheap Resume Services

First, let's define "cheap" in regards to a resume service.  There are literally thousands of companies, writers, and online websites that are providers of resume preparation services across the nation and globe.  This makes it very hard to choose which one is the best fit for you and your particular needs.  However, there is...

Have you given up on finding a job? There is still hope!

Amidst fears of a slow economy, anxiety about poor hiring conditions, and media talks of a stale job market over the past few years; many job seekers have given up the hunt.  The truth is, the economy is growing, and there are approximately 29 million jobs in many different industries that have an average...

August 2012