Prevent Resume FALLOUT! Avoid These Resume Mistakes

Prevent Resume FALLOUT! Avoid These Resume Mistakes


Many times job seekers will attempt to prepare a resume on their own without any direction or guidance as to how it should be done. Common mistakes will be made which can lead to ultimate disaster during a job search. These are very simple mistakes, overlooked so often that people do not realize they even exist. In fact, these mistakes are so common, you will probably laugh once you see what they are.

A resume is an extremely important document and the development process should not be underestimated by anyone – no matter how much skill you think you have. There is no room for error when going up against stacks of other resumes.


Here are the things you should avoid:

1) Nicknames: Never use a nickname on a resume. Many tend to think this set’s them apart and shows character. Instead, this can make your resume hard to sort in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and/or make the resume look unprofessional. Employers do not care if your previous co-workers called you “Scooter” or not.

2) Unprofessional Email Address: Avoid using an email address that includes a lot of numbers, characters, or unprofessional words such as “animal lover.”  Always use a professional email address with your name in it. This makes it easier for potential employers to recognize you and make contact quickly without error.

3) Personal Interests: Eliminate irrelevant items such as “I like golf” or “Exercising” from your resume unless you are applying for a Country Club position that requires extreme fitness. I hope this gets the point across.

4) References: Do not include references or “references available upon request” on your resume. You never know who holds a grudge against you from a previous employer or who might leave a negative impression without your knowledge. Control every aspect of your job search and only provide references when the employer asks for them. This will give you an opportunity to make your own first impression and might avoid the consideration of a bad reference should you provide one without knowing.

5) Generic Skills: Remove generic skills from your resume, such as “problem solving, communication, organizational, and time management” skills. EVERYONE includes these. They will not make you stand out. There are cases where these might be necessary for an entry-level candidate, but if you are an experienced professional or executive, avoid these and replace them with something more compelling.

In summary, if you avoid these 5 common mistakes on your resume and use good formatting, you should be good to go.

By Justin Olsen

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