Resume Writing vs. Resume Editing

Resume Writing vs. Resume Editing

More often than not, job seekers are overloaded with misinformation when searching the web for answers regarding the difference between resume writing & editing best practices. This often leads to unnecessary confusion and frustration during a job search and can take focus away from the big picture. While preparing a good resume is the most important first step in seeking new employment for most, it should not be the reason for anxiety and stress. So let’s start with the two most basic and confused concepts of resume preparation below, and we will explain when each should be applied.

Resume Writing: This is the art of creating new unique content which provides an explanation of your career history and skill-set for the purpose of employment. If you are completely starting from scratch or have never had a resume in your life, resume writing would be the way to go. Writing a complete resume is not easy. It can require hours of time gathering pertinent information that is used to concisely summarize an entire career background. Then the information must be properly organized and eloquently written in a way that grabs the reader’s attention. If not handled correctly, a resume writing project can quickly turn into a sloppy mess that will get you disqualified from consideration of the job.

Resume Editing: This is the task of taking an existing resume that may be out of date or just plain ineffective and giving it a complete revamp. Many think that editing an old resume is a simple task that requires just a few changes or tweaks to make it better. This is hardly the case. Resume editing can take just as much, if not more, time than preparing a resume from scratch depending on the situation. There are many instances where a job seeker has been utilizing a resume for years, but now they are making a career change and entering into a more fierce job market which requires a lot more effort to get noticed. This may be a case where it is very important to take an existing resume and give it a complete face lift to make sure it obtains desirable results.

Writing or editing a resume is not an easy task for anyone. It takes many years of experience, know-how, and credentials to create a powerful resume that will “POP” in the eyes of an employer. In a rapid changing job market, it is absolutely essential that your resume stands out from the crowd. Gaining the help of an expert who writes resumes for a living can be the difference between getting hired or not. There are many different strategies and techniques that should be utilized when writing a resume. Such techniques include job targeting, key/buzz word usage, proper formatting, section organization, grammar/punctuation accuracy, bullet point choices, etc. One of our skilled agents can make sure everything is properly implemented and all the right strategies are utilized for your unique situation.


Keep in mind that regardless of how you submit your resume, and whether it will first receive a computer screen or be selected by a human reviewer, it is important that your resume includes keywords and phrases based upon your personal qualifications and targeted goals. Sometimes it is best to seek the help of a professional resume writing service to ensure everything is appropriately constructed. By Justin Olsen

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