Secret Tips to Help You Succeed In Online Job Hunting

Secret Tips to Help You Succeed In Online Job Hunting

The internet is buzzing with opportunities and job portals have been at work for a decade now. The job market is buzzing and the online craze has taken the world by storm. Major corporations and small to middle-sized companies alike are taking interest in hiring their workforce from online applications which can be sifted by filtering software to pick out the best candidate for the job position. If you are one of the individuals who rely on the online job market to find your dream job, here are some secret tips to help you succeed and land the job that you want.

Keyword-Focused Applications Are a Necessity for Major Job Sites

According to a study, only 3-5% of individuals find a job through online job portals. If you want to be included in that small percentage, the trick is to tailor your resume according to the job that you are applying for by using appropriate industry-specialized keywords that will be inherently picked up by the sifting software. Sending a resume to a major corporation is like dumping it into a black hole where it will only be noticed by an applicant tracking software if you have used the keywords. This helps companies sort applicants according to their required skills. You should also know how to use the keyword and not just dump random phrases here and there. Specify a clear skill set according to the job that you are looking to fill. Even if you are submitting it to an online job database, keywords are your best friend.

Don’t Be 100% Dependent On Your Resumes

A resume is a linear tool which can make your career look uninteresting. Learning and achievement curves here and there are what make you seem great. A resume can highlight a gap which may seem inconsequential to you but leave little space when an employer is looking for your achievements and experiences that can contribute to their corporate structure. The marketplace nowadays is constantly changing and you may not want to project that image of yours. Lead with a cover letter, explain, and state your endeavors. State the impossibilities that you made possible. Explain how you made your last job a better place and what you did that no one else thought of doing.


This is one thing that can really work in your favor. Small local companies usually don’t have an applicant screening system and HR personnel sift through resumes themselves. The lack of computer screening and optimizations can help you get noticed if you are a prominent or a member of local professional groups. Many small companies look to referrals and marketing groups to find employers that will suit their small organization.

Don’t Give Referrals a Cold Shoulder

We want to let you in a secret. 80% jobs don’t even make it to the job board. People who work at companies know other people who they think will be great at the job and the position is filled without even any marketing. Companies usually prefer referrals because the employees hired through that process have a low turnover rate. Be active on professional groups and sites such as LinkedIn and do keyword searches to find out if any of your friends are working at a company or are in a field that you are interested in.

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