Sorry, “The Dog Ate My Resume” is Not an Excuse

Sorry, “The Dog Ate My Resume” is Not an Excuse

We all know preparing a resume is a daunting task. Speaking about ourselves and trying to piece 20 years of work history together while not sounding like a robot is frustrating. Since high school, you most likely made an excuse at some point as to why you were missing your homework. Maybe you were up late with friends and forgot or preoccupied with more important things, like video games. Making excuses such as “the dog at my homework” might have worked back in the 80’s and 90’s, but in the real world, in the business world, excuses don’t matter.

Many job seekers today avoid preparing a resume because they are intimidated by the amount of work that has to go into it. Our lives are busy and it’s hard to find time to set aside from work, kids, and walking the dog to sit down and research how to prepare the best resume for a new job search. Some job seekers don’t prepare a resume at all until it’s too late, or rush through putting one together. Handing over a sloppy mess of a resume is not something you want to do. Employers see this as a serious lack of motivation and effort to be the best you can be for the company. You might as well hand over a pile of chewed up paper and say the dog ate it. Seriously.

A good resume writing service can help you with this problem. Working with a professional resume writer can help draw out those skills you thought you never had and extrapolate past accomplishments that reflect upon your character and drive as a motivated part of the team. Employers love it when a candidate shows how they’ve contributed (with numbers) to past employers. It lets them know that you possess the skills needed to deliver results for their company as well. This is especially important with sales, marketing, and management backgrounds. As an employee who is expected to produce results, you need to be able to produce these results on paper during or before an interview with a potential employer.

Take the initiative today and make sure you have a viable presentation that is not worthy of being put in the trash can. If you are truly serious about your next career move, your resume should demonstrate it.

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