Steady Job Growth in 2013

Steady Job Growth in 2013

In mid 2008, America began to see a steady decline in job growth and by early 2009, the unemployment rate rose to 7.8% which was the highest it had been in nearly a decade.  Massive layoffs and businesses closing their doors resulted in staggering unemployment rates hovering around 9.5% for several years.

However, since late 2012 the U.S. has realized steady job growth and we are now experiencing the lowest unemployment numbers we have seen in more than four years. These rates are also expected to decline and job growth to increase even more in 2013 according to many sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is very good news for job seekers and businesses alike in various industries.

According to our own analysis, we have noticed a high demand for jobs in the following industries:

Information Technology
Manufacturing & Production
Administrative Support
Nonprofit Operations

If you are a mid-career professional or an executive with experience in any of these areas and searching for a new job, it is reassuring to know that there is a high demand for the skills and qualifications you possess. Now might be a good time to dust off that old resume that’s been hiding in the drawer or hard drive of your computer and give it a major overhaul to target opportunities in your area.

After you refresh your resume, start searching for jobs and get your name out there as soon as possible. Even though job growth is on the rise, the public’s anxiety of a dismal job market still exists and many people are securing the opportunities as quickly as they become available to the public. This means you must move fast and actively pursue your goals by staying ahead of the competition with the best career services & tools available today.

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