The True Purpose of a Resume

The True Purpose of a Resume

We all like to think that a good resume will get the job. In fact, it is true that an effective resume will eventually lead to landing a new job given all the proper techniques are put into place. The fact of the matter is, the true purpose of a resume is not to land the job, but it is to secure interviews. Obviously employers use resumes as part of their screening process to weed out the unqualified or lackluster candidates from the rest. Having an impressive resume does play a huge part in whether or not you get hired, but it is not the sole reason you will get hired.

Your resume is the sole most important document during the hiring process that will grab a hiring manager’s attention and include you for employment. However, in order to get to the interview stage of the process, you need to submit a document that leaves a lasting impression. Ultimately, this might lead to you getting hired because the reader will remember who you are and will already be “wowed” by your presentation.

Throughout my many years as an executive resume writer, I have always had clients who ask if their resume will get the job or not. This consistently reminds me of how much help job seekers really need preparing a new resume for a career change. The fact that they actually think a resume gets the job adds unnecessary stress and anxiety into their job search, when all they should really be focusing on is creating a strong presentation of accomplishments and qualifications along with polishing up on their interviewing skills. Hiring is a two-step process. Submitting your resume/application, then interviewing. The interview is actually where most candidates fail, partially because they had a weak resume which did not describe their full potential before being questioned by the interviewer.

Bottom line is this. Make sure your resume is personalized, organized, and concise as possible without eliminating important information that is pertinent to the types of jobs you are targeting. Making a strong first impression is key to standing out from the rest of the applicants and if you play your cards right, a good resume can eventually lead to success in a new career.

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