5 Signs that it Might Be Time for a Career Change

5 Signs that it Might Be Time for a Career Change

There are many signs to indicate that it might be time for you to make a quick career change. In 2008, the United States began to see massive layoffs which forced millions of Americans to face the challenge of looking for a new venture after many years, even decades, on the job. Since then, the job market and economy have seen slight progress toward positive numbers, but there is always the risk of layoffs in such a competitive world. While some forced career changes are unforeseen, many of them can been identified earlier by employees who are prepared for the head chopping.

Identifying all the signs that it might be time for a career change may be very difficult, but I will point out the 5 most common ones below so you can be better prepared.

1. Rumors of layoffs.

2. Merger or buyout with another company.

3. New management takes over.

4. Stressed out boss.

5. Noticing a long trend of slow business.

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