Time Management Apps That Are Better Than Time Travel

Time Management Apps That Are Better Than Time Travel

If you ask a successful person what they will be doing in three days following your conversation, they will be able to sketch a precise picture of their day because that is what makes them successful. Managing their time and pre-planning their schedule ensures that everything happens on time and in a precise and systematic order.

Doing a task in an hour, setting beside 30 minutes for lunch followed by a 5 minutes break and followed by two back-to-back meetings that take 2 hours is just a normal occurrence for them. Being crafty with time is not an easy task because there are just so many hours in a day. You can never stretch time or turn back the clock. Time travel has not been invented yet. Therefore, you have no other choice than to work with the time that you have in the day.

However, we have tested several time management apps that can help your career take off. Whether its career development, recruiting or going through countless resumes before the lunch break, each task can be streamlined with the help of the following task management apps to ensure that you are more efficient and productive throughout the day.

Disclaimer: These apps are so good that they might take a despotic control over your life and drastically improve your routine. While some can help you achieve short-term goals, others will prime you for getting on top of the long term tasks. So buckle up and get ready to control the sands of time.


This is one of those apps that can help you with future oriented goals. It works in congruence with the idea of mind mapping or Sun Bursting. If you want to imagine how it works, imagine all your core and essential projects in a circle, surrounded by all the essential prerequisites that will help achieve the tasks in an efficient manner. MindNode will help you strategize your tasks and the clear bright colors will make it quite easy for you to follow each step of your project, while the core task remains your center of attention.


Many employees spend a better part of their day reminiscing about replying to emails, going through their entire inbox and differentiating and prioritizing between important and menial emails. This nifty app is the answer to all your inbox troubles. If you spend too much time filtering through your inbox, this app will streamline your mails from more than one account, combine them under one roof and help you arrange them with a single swipe. You can view them in a chat-like thread that will help you hide, reschedule and address your emails and help you stay focused without becoming a slave to your mailbox.

My Minutes

If you have a number of tasks to accomplish in a day and you find yourself spending more time toiling on one task and ignoring another, you need My Minutes as it can help you stay focused by making a wish list and referencing each task with the amount of time you can spend on each task.


If you feel time gets away from you when you are working on a group project, you can use this app to track the time you spend on each project in real time for an accurate overview of project reporting.



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