What is a Resume Service and do I need one?


A resume service is a company, organization, or individual that provides writing of resumes for job seekers during a time of career-change or transition. The writers may or may not be certified depending on the requirements of the business. Certification or special licensing is not required by law in any state as far as we know. Companies that provide these services are usually broken up into two categories.

The first would be a Local Resume Service. This would more than likely be run by an individual who performs the work out of their home office and generates business via a phone book ad or in Craigslist. They do not have a high volume of business since the demand for a resume service locally is very low. Therefore, they may not have the experience or knowledge of how to properly deal with your particular situation.  However, this would be a good platform if you are looking for a face-to-face transaction and collaboration of your resume’s preparation.

The second category would be an Online Resume Service.  This type of business provides services nationwide or internationally. A higher volume of clientele would produce more experience among writers, a wider range of resources, and very flexible schedules to meet the demands of clients. All services are performed via the telephone as a consultation, then a resume is written based on the information that is gathered through the website of the company or by verbal communication. Prices might be lower than that of a local service due to the fact that there is a high volume of business versus a local individual who has to charge more based on lower demand.

You should choose a resume service if you are unsure of your resume’s effectiveness, if you feel you are not getting enough hits, or if you are constantly being rejected for jobs that you know you are qualified for. My motto is – “make sure things are done right the first time and you won’t have to worry about it.”   The same concept goes with preparing a resume.  Gaining peace of mind during a stressful time is priceless.

By Justin Olsen

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  • Themafia

    The best way to get noticed is to know people. Every job I’ve ever been hired for has been the result of knowing someone who helped me get that job. That’s how I got my jobs at Dixie College Concessions and at Anderson Lumber in high school, but it didn’t end then. I got my job at Disney based on who I knew and who knew me. I figure there are a lot of plpoee who could do any job, and employers are most likely to hire the plpoee they expect to like and trust. The best way to prove that you’re likable and trustworthy is to have a reputation with people already at the company you’re applying to. So the best thing you can do to get noticed is to have lots of friends. I’ve also been noticed when I entered dance contests. I won a hat in a dance contest once. Everyone noticed that. And every now and then (if ever), I get noticed at the very bottom of Josh’s blog’s long list of resources.

    July 19, 2012 at 9:22 pm
  • Bryan

    This was a very helpful post about resume services. Since I am out of a job and looking for one, this really helped me choose. Thanks!

    June 5, 2012 at 10:54 pm

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