Why LinkedIn is Important for Your Career

Why LinkedIn is Important for Your Career

LinkedIn is the most utilized social networking website for job seekers of all experience levels and career fields. It is the place where professionals and executives can connect with each other through a virtual network even if they are thousands of miles apart. In 2012, LinkedIn reported there were more than 175 million registered users of their portal in more than 200 countries across the globe. The site was originally launched as a recruitment tool and is now primarily used by HR departments and recruiters to connect with candidates in a more modern method than previously practiced.

With that being said, it is more important now than ever you become attuned to this site and polish your internet self-marketing skills if you have not already done so. With the rapid rate of technology advancement over the past decade, many job seekers have found it difficult to keep up with the latest technological trends and online platforms designed to help them develop relationships with colleagues or employers.

When it comes to your career, it is extremely important to utilize all the available online tools you possibly can – the most important being LinkedIn. When you register for an account, keep your information clean and concise. Avoid cluttering your page with redundant or irrelevant information and list any achievements you may have gained throughout your career. Develop a strong summary at the top that would show a prospective employer how you stand apart from the rest and create an area of specialties.

For example, a LinkedIn profile for an individual would look like the following:

Joshua Davis Professional Writer for Careers Plus

An example of a LinkedIn profile for a business should look like the following:

Careers Plus Resumes Company LinkedIn Profile

After your profile is created, start reaching out to other colleagues who may already be on LinkedIn and build upon your online network accordingly. You might be surprised at how effective such a simple tool like this could help excel your career to the next level.

If you are not comfortable creating your own LinkedIn profile and want to make sure it’s done correctly, choose our LinkedIn Profile Development Service from the list and get help from an expert.

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