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If you have heard of any Careers Plus Resumes complaints and looking for clarification, we are glad you decided to come to our site. First, it is important to realize that any legitimate company that has been in business for a significant length of time will receive complaints throughout the years. Many of the complaints usually are the result of a misunderstanding or a lack of proper information. To better inform the public, we hope the facts we provide here are going to help provide you with the clarification and information you need to make an informed decision about our products and services.

Careers Plus Resumes is a leading provider of resume writing services online. Our hand-picked team of certified professional resume writers specializes in writing resumes for all industries and has the resources to help you develop a strategically tailored resume package for any experience level. We are dedicated to helping you land interviews and improve your resume's response rate. Just like you want to stand out in your job search, we at Careers Plus Resumes strive to stand out from other companies in the industry. To do this, we have listed all the features you will benefit from:

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  • Complete Client Confidentiality and Data Security
  • Multiple Keyword Optimized File Formats (Word, PDF, ASCII)
  • Free Job Search Board

Third Party Review Sites & Testimonials

There are many online review sites available on the web, and if you have done your research, you have more than likely come across Careers Plus Resumes name on one or more of these sites. Many of the third party review sites provide well-researched information on how a resume company operates, the policies & procedures that the company has in place, and the general good reputation of the resume company such as Careers Plus Resumes. We have found these particular third party review sites offer a much more informative user experience and have actual fact-based information listed such as credentials, length of time in business, and service/product specifications. Such sites include:,,, and several more.

There are also many review sites that have poorly researched information, provide false resume company facts, and inflate reviews based on a biased affiliate sale system. These sites generally charge a fee to list a resume company in their reviews, ranking the higher paying ones first. Some may also post fake complaints against the lower paying resume sites just to make the review site look active or to show the lower paying sites as a more inferior service than the higher paying ones. This creates a false representation of the quality of service you (the consumer) are actually engaging in and can mislead you into making a bad decision. We have found much of their information is also based on false or misconstrued postings from other online resources and can create a wrong first impression of a more legitimate site that is listed toward the bottom of the paid review site. Some, but not all, of these review sites even list their own resume writing sites at the top to drive traffic to their own resume services. Such sites may include:,,,, and many more. We at Careers Plus Resumes understand that conducting research online is very exhausting, especially when there are so many different resume writing services available. That is why we wanted to inform you of the facts and show you the truth behind online review sites. We hope this helps and please check out our client testimonials to see how others really feel about our company!

Complaint Sites & Better Business Bureau (BBB)

With the availability of the internet comes the benefit of expressing your opinions, experiences, and reviews of companies online to others in hopes to create a more informative and safe business marketplace. Careers Plus Resumes always encourages your feedback and supports many online portals' motives in order to achieve this goal. However, we have found that with this availability of complaint sites also comes the unfortunate potential for fraud and/or abuse. Many online complaint sites such as,,, and many more claim to want to help fight bad business practices. While some of the complaints on these sites may be legitimate and generally serve a good purpose, these sites have also been investigated for the administrators of the sites posting false complaints in order to boost their search engine rankings so they can post ads from other related sources and generate revenue for themselves. This is a common online scheme that has been taking place for many years and is nearly impossible to prevent. This sometimes can create a misinformed perception of a company and its actual good record of business. You can usually identify which complaints are legitimate and which are not by looking out for repeated "keywords" or "phrases" used to inflate search engine rankings to post specific ads for that subject.

The Better Business Bureau, often referred to as the BBB, is probably the most looked upon online resource for feedback on a business. It is estimated that over 90% of consumers are aware of the BBB and/or have used them at least once to review a business during their lifetime. This can be a good resource to find out if a company actually exists or is in fact a legitimate brick-and-mortar business since they do actually contact and send certified mail to the location of a business when conducting their reviews. However, in recent time, the BBB has been investigated by authorities and news agencies for alleged fraudulent business practices aimed at lowering ratings for companies who opt out of the annual membership fee and raising ratings for those who pay. This has led to several lawsuits and shaken consumer confidence in the BBB - some questioning its own legitimacy. It is important for consumers to know that the BBB is not a government organization and in no way has the authority to regulate any business entity in the United States or abroad. Many of the top executives of the BBB actually make over six-figures annually to run their "non-profit" locations. This raises many questions as to how inclined they really are in helping to create a more informative and safe marketplace instead of just profiting from membership fees.

To keep the public well-informed on the facts regarding all online complaint systems, including the BBB, we are glad to have provided this information to you and hope we can fulfill your resume writing needs.

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