Recruitment Tools & Hiring Resources

Since 2005, Careers Plus Resumes, LLC has been providing recruitment and career-related services for both employers and job seekers. In today's job market, the competition on both sides is fierce. Employers are competing for top talent, while job seekers are trying to get the edge over other candidates. Therefore, it is important for companies to post engaging job ads that will gain the right amount of exposure and even more important for job seekers to make sure their resumes are up to par.

For these reasons, we offer several hiring resources and products to help both employers and job seekers in finding their perfect match. 


Job Seekers

Having a searchable resume is the best way for a job seeker to be found and recruited by employers. Our sophisticated software allows job seekers to create a visually appealing profile, upload their existing resume or create a new one, and narrow down which employers contact them by geographic location, industry, and keywords.


Job Seeker Profile Benefits

  • Refine your job search targets by industry and location
  • Expose yourself to active hiring managers
  • Create a professional profile and upload a resume
  • Make your resume searchable and get hired faster
  • Receive alerts when new jobs are posted
  • Apply to jobs directly on our website
  • Keep track of your applications





Employers are hard-pressed for time in today's job market. Therefore, it is important to streamline the hiring process as much as possible, and the first step is advertising job openings online. With our advanced job posting and resume search technology, employers will save hours upon hours of time by having the best recruitment tools and job advertising software at their fingertips. 


Employer Product Features

  • Attract first-class talent online in a shorter amount of time with our advanced "candidate-matching" technology
  • Post targeted job ads by geographic location, industry, job title, and keywords
  • Your job ads will be distributed throughout our extensive network of job boards and social media
  • Search and filter resumes of the most qualified candidates
  • Contact job seekers directly and stay connected
  • Receive applications directly to your email inbox
  • Easily manage candidate applications from your account
  • Have the ability to feature your company and job listings at the top of our job board to gain even more visibility




Employer Account Benefits

As an employer in a demanding industry, your time is valuable and should be treated as such. 

See how Careers Plus Resumes® can save you time and money by simplifying the candidate search, recruitment, and hiring process.


Streamlined Account Management

Managing your account is simple, fast, and efficient. Add and post jobs with a click of the mouse, view/manage applicants, and update your company profile information on the fly. With our simplified account management system, you save a significant amount of time where other job boards make it complicated and hard to navigate.


Advanced Resume Search Technology

Quickly filter, search, and contact active job seekers with our advanced "candidate-matching" technology built into the resume search feature. Once you find a candidate that you feel will meet the requirements of your job posting, you can contact them directly and stay in touch throughout the entire hiring process.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Our Facebook Jobs App is integrated with the job board through an API and included with each job posting package, so when you post your jobs on our website, they are automatically posted to our vast social network which gives your listings extra reach. Job seekers can view the openings straight from their mobile devices or Facebook accounts, "Like" and "Share" your jobs, and apply directly through the application. 


National Job Openings Report

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