Mark Perrigon

"Every business has a unique set of requirements for their web site and online visibility. I am able to formulate the right strategy and design your site to achieve the highest number of conversions, simplistic user interface implementation, and most advanced functionality with the least amount of steps to help your business increase its web presence."

Mark Perrigon

Full Biography

Mark Perrigon is the Information Technology Manager, Webmaster, and a content writer for Careers Plus Resumes. He provides consulting and services in the areas of web design, infrastructure management, database development, network administration, programming, and online visibility. He has significantly improved the company’s ability to more efficiently serve clients by catapulting its technology architecture to the most advanced tools available today.

Mark is originally from Maryland and enhanced his career in the field of IT, after earning a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems, by starting a software development and IT consulting company called Cyber Corp Software, Inc. He provides his clients with the most sophisticated online technologies while demonstrating a compassionate demeanor in how successful his clients become.

His personal hobbies and interests include emerging technologies such as 3D printing, snowboarding in the mountains of Nevada/California, taking exotic trips, debating political issues, and helping ducks survive in their natural habitat. Mark is also the kind of person that will never let a friend down no matter what. He is always available to lend a helping hand and extend his time and energy into helping others in need.

Cyber Corp Software, LLC

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