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"Helping others to effectively compete and succeed at reaching their career goals has become my life passion and I initiate the task very seriously. High-impact resume writers are a rare breed in today's saturated resume writing industry. I've been providing resume and career consulting services for job seekers since 2005 and aim to articulate a client's background in such a way that the reader simply cannot say "NO" to them. This is not an easy task for most people when it comes to writing about themselves, but for me, it comes naturally. I see it as a gift of confidence that can be shared within each client's resume to make sure they stand out from the competition. One of the biggest mistakes I see our clients make is not giving themselves enough credit, demonstrating a lack of self-confidence in abilities, and not using the right "buzz" words to grab the reader's attention."

Justin Olsen is the Founder and CEO of Careers Plus Resumes, delivering the highest quality career document writing services and recruiting solutions to both job seekers and employers. Extremely articulate, professional, and obsessed with perfection in business - Justin has proven himself to be one of the top industry leaders when it comes to resume and career consulting. He believes that when it comes to resumes (a candidate’s first impression), there is no room for error.

Being born into a military-family lifestyle, Justin has lived in many places throughout the United States and abroad. His previous residences have included New York, California, Germany, Maine, North Carolina, Minnesota, Alabama, Florida, and more recently Tennessee - where he has finally settled down with his lovely wife and two daughters. He attended several universities and technical colleges to gain a wide-range of education in various areas of business and information technology.

Some of Justin’s personal hobbies and interests include world history, golf, baseball, camping, skiing, riding ATVs, hiking, trout fishing, badminton, white water rafting, and bushcraft. He also carries another fad in studying constitutional law and how it applies to family court matters. As a side gig, Justin volunteers some of his time helping others in the community with finding educational resources related to family/civil litigation and their constitutional rights.

Justin has written thousands of resumes for clients in virtually all industry sectors and professions. His client base includes individuals who are corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies, famous entertainment icons such as musicians and actors, attorneys, political candidates, seasoned professionals, and entry-level job seekers. More importantly, the resumes he has written have been proven to achieve exceptional results and significantly higher response rates compared to others.

He is also Author of the Ultimate Resume Writing Guide which is currently published on Amazon.com as a downloadable ebook or paperback, and has several other writings published in various media such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Tampa Bay Times, Careerealism, and Diversitree. His diverse knowledge of the business world and eloquent writing style makes him one of the most versatile resume writers and career consultants for literally any career-change situation that one might encounter.

In summary, Justin is a caring individual who strives to help others succeed no matter what the circumstances may be. With his intelligent approach to overcome obstacles, paired with his ability to transform complex problems into tangible results, Justin has acquired an unparalleled skill-set in the field of resume writing and career consulting.

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