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Most resumes are instantly rejected because they are not focused enough on the targeted industry or job type, along with other reasons, and fail the initial ATS test. Targeting resumes is complicated but can be done effectively several different ways. Below is a comparison of the most common methods of job targeting based on the estimated effectiveness of each approach.

Targeting Specific Industries (Most Common, Very Effective) 38%
Targeting Multiple Position Titles (Less Effective) 17%
Targeting Individual Job Postings (Most Effective) 45%

Cover Letter & Follow-Up Note

A cover letter is an introductory letter that is sent with the resume as part of a complete application package. Over 50% of employers want applicants to submit a cover letter along with their resume. Therefore, it is best to have one available when requested.

A follow-up note should be sent soon after an interview. HR departments are busy, and sometimes a little reminder never hurts. Also, sending a simple "thank you" after the interview goes a long way in showing the hiring manager that you mean business.

Cover Letter
LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profiles are one of the most overlooked online tools when it comes to job searching. We have found that most people do nothing to refresh their profiles while they are already employed. Once they find themselves laid off or seeking a new opportunity, employers will only see outdated information which makes it difficult for them to verify career history. We are experts when it comes to designing pristine online profiles. Just look at our own website. Let our certified writers help you polish your LinkedIn profile to make sure everything is done properly as part of our Executive Suite package.

Client Testimonials

"I have been at the same job for over 9 years and needed a complete overhaul of my resume and LinkedIn profile. I haven't updated my information in quite some time, so everything was old and stale. My writer at Careers Plus Resumes revamped my outdated resume and wrote fresh content for my LinkedIn profile. The results so far have been outstanding. I've been contacted by several companies already. Great job!"

~ Mike Y., Director of Operations

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