Who We Are - Careers Plus Resumes, LLC is an industry leader when it comes to resume writing and career consulting. We offer a wide range of services for executives, professionals, and entry-level job seekers, as well as recruiters and employers. Our partners include only the top companies in the United States that offer career coaching, recruiting, human resources, and more. Careers Plus is always looking for new partners to provide our visitors with advice on our blog, effective online job search tools, and targeted recruitment solutions. Founder and CEO, Justin Olsen, has always believed that businesses with the best partnerships also offer the best services/products to customers. Throughout his own career, he has personally established relationships with top recruiting firms, HR departments, corporations, and even a writing publication partnership with the Fortune 500 company and e-commerce giant, Amazon.

What We Want

  • Advice articles from experts in fields related to career and employment topics that offer a fresh, interesting perspective on job searching, personal branding, and career advancement. We only work with the best.
  • High-impact recruitment tools proven to help candidates achieve their career goals and aspirations.
  • Intellectual minds who understand that job searching is not just an every-day task, but an important milestone that requires a high level of finesse.
  • Technologically advanced job-seeker solutions for recruiting and networking.

What We Don't Want

  • Basic stuff, such as "The 3 Best Interview Tips." If you can't be more creative, it's not for us.
  • Anything that is not beneficial to our clients.
  • Irrelevant content or information.
  • Unnatural links or guest posts from bloggers who are trying to promote a brand or company.
  • Content that has been published elsewhere.
  • Affiliate sites or commission-driven fake review sites.

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