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Letting people go is never a pleasant process for either party. Having a smooth exit strategy is key to maintaining employee relations, increasing retention among existing team members, and avoiding potential legal complications. We understand how delicate this unfortunate event can be and offer resume preparation services for companies looking to offboard employees. A resume is the first impression during a job search, and providing your soon-to-be offboarded staff with the proper resources helps to alleviate the stress involved during this transition.

Percentage of organizations with no formal offboarding process 71%
Percentage of organizations with a partially automated offboarding process 32%
Percentage of companies that have a fully automated offboarding process 5%
Percentage of data breaches connected to former disgruntled employees 20%

Employee Benefits

Resume Preparation

Your offboarded employees will receive a professionally written and formatted resume that helps them transition into a new job faster.

Cover Letter Writing

A cover letter can be created for each candidate to leave a stronger first impression and allow more room for explanation of job gaps and layoffs.

LinkedIn Branding

LinkedIn is a beneficial networking and online employee verification tool that can be designed to match each candidate's personal brand.

Job Search Assistance

Our optional job-search assistance program provides your offboarded team members with viable employment leads and career guidance.

Downsizing Simplified

How It Works

Initial Intake

We will work out a custom outplacement package based on your company's downsizing needs. An individual profile will be created for each candidate in our semi-automated account platform so we can manage the projects efficiently.

Dedicated Communication

A certified resume writer/career consultant will be assigned to contact and consult with each offboarded employee to form a strategy.

Service Begins

Once we've made a thorough analysis, an attention-grabbing resume will be expertly crafted for each candidate based on their targeted job requirements.


After downloading their new resumes, candidates can request revisions until they are satisfied. Any other outplacement package options will be fulfilled after the resumes are finalized.

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Offboarding Success

The faster ex-employees find new jobs, the better. It reduces risk to the company, increases satisfaction, and keeps backlash to a minimum. Our outplacement services, primarily resume writing, have proven to dramatically improve client offboarding success and public opinion.


Company Reviews

Around 52% of job seekers use online job boards to read reviews and gather information about companies before applying. For this reason, the satisfaction of your former employees plays an important role. If the offboarding process is handled incorrectly, laid-off, disgruntled employees often take to the internet to vent.


Virtual Delivery

Technology-driven outplacement services that are offered remotely have gained significant importance among 87% of participants, specifically with virtual resume writing and career coaching. High-quality solutions can be provided at a much lower cost to companies due to the virtualization of these services.


Growing Popularity

Over 44% of employers offer at least some form of outplacement solution for the majority of terminations. As this number continues to grow YOY, so does the expectation from employees that companies offer outplacement benefits as part of a severance package if they are laid off.


Good Reputation

Only about 55% of employees trust in their employers from fear of unemployment based on various factors such as automation, government regulations, and economic downturn. During a layoff, these fears become reality and having a solid outplacement plan available for your employees goes a long way in maintaining a positive reputation.

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