Below are some resume samples that we have created for previous clients. These examples are updated periodically and do not necessarily reflect the personalized service you will receive since your unique situation is different from others. Therefore, your resume will be customized to meet YOUR individual needs. All resumes are designed in Microsoft Word, PDF, and ASCII (plain text) files to ensure full compatibility for all distribution and printing methods. Your resume will be designed using the latest styles and formats that are proven most effective by top HR professionals and industry leaders. Our team of resume writers specializes in preparing resumes for all career fields and goes beyond resume templates to offer you the best professional resume service available.

  • Executive Resume Sample

    Executive Resume

    A resume for an executive must present a powerful combination of key strengths and accomplishments that show a prospective employer an ability to produce results. The corporate world is extremely competitive and it takes more than just a list of jobs and skills to compete for high-level positions.

  • Professional Resume Sample

    Professional Resume

    Professional resumes are generally used by mid-career job seekers with over 5 years of work experience looking to advance or transition into a new career. The document must show an upwards progression and unique achievements that demonstrate a high level of accountability.

  • Entry Level Resume Sample

    Entry Level Resume

    Candidates who have very limited work experience or recent college graduates would need an entry-level resume to get their foot in the door. These types of resumes require a strong presentation of academics along with the ability to perform the job as expected based on knowledge.

  • Government Resume Sample

    Government Resume

    Government resumes can vary in length from one to several pages of information written to target a specific job announcement number on or other federal positions in different sectors. This type of resume can also be considered for use during a transition out of the military.

  • Functional Resume Format

    Functional Resume

    A functional resume allows a job seeker to apply for various different positions or industries with only one document while encompassing what the reader should see first, which would be a summary of qualifications, areas of expertise, and core competencies. When writing a functional resume, it is important to focus more on how you can contribute to the company you are applying for versus the companies you have worked for. They want to see the breadth of your skill set, then a short summary of your work history after. A functional resume is best in situations where you have the same exact information for each job you've held, have a diverse background, or if you have little or no experience at all in a particular industry you are targeting.

  • Targeted Resume Format

    Targeted Resume

    This is the most effective method in obtaining an interview for a specific job listing. With this type of format, you will be able to match the employer's job specifications with your skills and qualifications. A targeted resume should showcase your key strengths and highlight key/buzz words that will be noticed by applicant screening systems or the human eye. Developing this type of format requires extreme attention to detail, a solid understanding of what employers are looking for, and a qualification-focused approach that will keep you from being rejected before you even make it to the interview. Basically, grabbing the reader's attention up-front with a resume that is targeted to meet their job requirements is paramount!

  • Hybrid Resume Format

    Hybrid Resume

    A hybrid resume should be a combination of skills or accomplishments that blend together with a detailed summary of your experience. With this type of resume, you can combine the functional, targeted, and reverse-chronological aspects of formatting to enhance the reader's insight of your entire career history. This format has been proven very successful for many job seekers since it is used as a very robust presentation of an impressive background and is usually best for C-level executives or professionals with notable accomplishments who want to make sure nothing is missed. Key performance milestones paired with a strong set of qualifications can make this format a powerful approach.

  • Reverse Chronological Resume Format

    Reverse Chronological

    The traditional chronological (oldest to newest) format is no longer used in today's job market. If you're trying to develop a very basic resume with several jobs to list, using a reverse chronological resume format is the way to go. This is good if you have a lot of big-name companies to show off to a prospective employer or if you are sending your resume to recruiters that require your entire work history to be included. This format shows your progression throughout your career, starting with your most recent experience first. There may be different situations when a reverse chronological resume would be used, but you should always make sure you are using the correct format before submitting it to a potential employer for review.

  • Tax Professional Resume Sample

    Tax Professional

  • Oil & Gas Engineer Resume Sample

    Oil & Gas Engineer

  • Property Manager Resume Sample

    Property Manager

  • Respiratory Therapist Resume Sample

    Respiratory Therapist

More Examples of Our Work

If you are attempting to put together a resume without the guidance of an expert, we have provided you with some resume layouts to view as a starting point. These are examples of industry-specific resumes that have been created throughout the years by our very own certified resume writers. Keep in mind, everyone's background is different, and these examples are just meant to give an idea of what different types and formats of resumes might look like depending on certain situations. Always seek expert advice and help from a resume writer if you are unsure of how to create a resume yourself or want to make sure it's done correctly.

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