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Expected 15% Job Growth by 2029 (Above Average)

Bank & Financial Managers

Banking is an essential industry sector providing lending services to consumers for home, auto, and personal loans, as well as money management services. This sector includes bank/financial managers who create financial reports, perform direct investment activities, and develop financial plans for their organizations. As of May 2020 (a year prior to this article being written), the median annual wage for financial managers was $134,180 and employment is projected to grow 15% by the year 2029 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Bank managers are accountable for all operations of their branch office, including supervision of personnel, marketing/sales efforts, and community relations to build awareness. You'll be responsible for meeting customer deposit and retention goals, as well as building customer relationships and monitoring bank growth.

When it comes to banking, a certain level of credentials is required such as a college degree, training, and background checks to ensure trust with handling large sums of money. Bank managers must be familiar with financial products and services, and be able to train their staff. Below is an example of a Senior Banking Manager resume we prepared for one of our clients.

Banking Resume Sample Page 1
Banking Resume Sample Page 2

Conclusion of this Banking Manager's Resume

William's resume starts off with a powerful Executive Summary (elevator pitch) which explains his background in banking and his ability to supervise bank employees to ensure branch goals are met. His Areas of Expertise displays his key strengths with shorter phrases, which helps the reader grasp his skills much easier. Below are a couple points on how this resume helped our client reach the next level in his career.

  • It promotes him as a seasoned banking leader. William is no stranger to the banking industry, starting off his career in 1992 for a bank in Tampa Bay, Florida where he managed and grew a small business portfolio from $3MM to $15MM, a $12MM increase. Since that time, he has progressed into management positions and is now seeking a Senior Banking Manager role after 30 years of leadership success.
  • It includes unique information. The resume contains information unique only to William, such as "Structured credit facilities that allowed an NHL expansion team to locate in Tampa." When a resume shows off accolades such as this, it sets the candidate apart from the competition in a very strong way.

Banking Management is a highly sought after field with great long-term benefits. It is important to have a targeted resume that demonstrates how you are the candidate who can take on the required responsibilities to ensure bank operations continue to run smoothly.