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Expected 8% Job Growth by 2029 (Above Average)

Construction Managers

Are you looking to take the next step in your construction or career as a project manager or job foreman? You have chosen a high-growth career path which is critical to the total infrastructure of the nation. Construction managers are expected to realize an employment growth of 8% by the year 2029, adding 40,400 new jobs to the industry according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As a construction manager, you most likely spend most of your time in a field office onsite, setting and overseeing project milestones. You hire and manage a crew and ensure everyone is performing as expected to meet the requirements of the project. To acquire this position, you will be expected to have extensive knowledge and/or education in construction management, civil engineering, and zoning procedures.

Below is an example of a Construction Resume we have prepared for one of our clients, Randy.

Construction Resume Sample

Conclusion of this Construction Management Resume

In Randy's case, he wanted something that wasn't a laundry list of projects and obvious responsibilities. Saving that for a separate page, the project list was mentioned at the bottom. This not only saves the reader from getting confused while reviewing Randy's work history, but generates interest in what he has actually accomplished as far as the types of projects he has completed. Sometimes it's a good idea to include a project list under each job, but in Randy's case it wasn't necessary since he worked for the same company for 30 years. Below are a few points on how this resume worked for Randy.

  • It demonstrates his extensive experience. Experience is everything as a construction manager. Without it, you cannot perform as expected and things would go terribly wrong during each project, compromising the safety of the crew and community. It is a job that requires great responsibility and attention to detail. Your resume must reflect these qualities.
  • It mentions the types of projects he has managed. In some cases, it's necessary to display a list of major projects you have worked on, but in this case the best approach was to briefly mention the types of projects completed to summarize a vast amount of experience spanned across 30 years.
  • It includes industry-specific keywords. Searching for jobs today is more high-tech than what it used to be. When posting your resume online to job boards, it will be scanned for relevant keywords to ensure an accurate candidate-job match.

If you are in the construction industry and looking to either make a transition to another company or move up the ladder to a management role, let Careers Plus Resumes help!