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Expected 4% Job Growth by 2029 (Average)

C-Suite Executives

An executive assumes a senior management role within a corporation or business, directing all daily operations of the organization such as developing policies, procedures, and strategies to achieve company goals. The overall employment of executives is expected to increase 4% by the year 2029, adding 115,000 jobs to the existing 2 million+ executive positions according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of May 2020, the median annual wage for chief executives was more than $185,000 and general/operations managers was over $103,000.

Executives are the most influential positions held within a company and they are charged with overseeing major business decisions. Titles held may include Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Vice President (VP). If you hold one of these titles, you are most likely responsible for defining strategic vision, organizational planning, business transformation, and leading growth of large-scale operations. You might also sit on a Board of Directors to make major decisions for the future of the company.

In the executive management resume sample below, Matthew notes several major accolades that make him stand out as a candidate for a Vice President/Director of Consumer Products Licensing.

Executive Management Resume Sample

Conclusion of this Executive Management Resume

Matthew wanted a simple approach to the next level in his executive management career. Focusing on accomplishments is key for these types of positions. Board members want to see results from prior engagements, how the candidate took the companies they worked for previously into a position of growth, and how their skills/past accomplishments will contribute to the future operations of their organization. Let's see what made Matthew's resume stand out from other candidate resumes.

  • The Executive Summary grabs attention. In the opening summary of this resume, we focused heavily on Matthew's past contribution of leading global licensing and communications efforts for Fortune 500 companies such as Discovery, Toys "R" Us, Hasbro, Dr. Pepper, American Airlines, and Suzuki. These are huge accolades which should be mentioned up front.
  • It focuses on accomplishments, not boring job duties. We focused on brevity in the Career Overview section with the purpose of drawing even more attention to past contributions with key clients such as PBS KIDS, Best Buy, and other retail giants.

Executive resumes do not always have to be long, drawn out explanations of a candidate's entire career - but rather an accomplishment-focused summary. Make sure you have the best possible presentation when targeting an executive-level role.