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Expected 5% Job Growth by 2029 (Faster than Average)

Police Officers & Detectives

Police officers protect lives and property by investigating criminal activity and providing security of communities. By the year 2029, police officers and detectives will see an increase in job opportunities by 5%, adding 40,600 new jobs to the workforce according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Currently, police officers and detectives see a median pay of around $67,000 annually and make up over 813,000 jobs.

Police and detective work is dangerous and stressful, requiring officers to always be prepared for unexpected events to occur during the line of duty. Some of a police officer's duties include investigating crimes, collecting evidence, acting as a school resource officer, interviewing witnesses, and apprehending/arresting suspects. See what we did in the resume example below to help our client reach the next level in his career.

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Conclusion of this Investigator's Resume

Alessandro is a distinguished investigator with over 19 years of law enforcement experience as a Detective, Field Training Officer, and Police Officer. He also served as a lead investigator for property crimes while investigating fraud, apprehending suspects, and collaborating with various government agencies to solve major cases. Below are a few highlights from Alessandro's career.

  • Successfully conferred over 100 felony case investigations with the Confidential Prosecutors Office with a 95% case conferral acceptance rate since becoming Detective in 2017.
  • Served as Lead Detective representing the Police Department from 2019 to present, working on a joint investigation with the FBI regarding multiple armored car money heists which led to the federal arrest of 17 individuals and seizure of over $200K in stolen currency.
  • Solely responsible for the recovery of over $1MM of stolen construction equipment while working closely with construction companies and the National Insurance Crime Bureau on investigations since 2017.
  • Recognized as the first local Florida Law Enforcement Officer to receive an award from the DEA in 2008 for massive seizures of narcotics and undercover efforts leading to arrests.

As you can see, Alessandro has a very impressive background in law enforcement collecting and using forensic evidence to solve crimes, as well as interviewing informants, suspects, and witnesses to establish motives and clues to solve major cases. His resume needed to be extremely professional in appearance and organized while demonstrating his dedication to keeping the community safe. If you are in law enforcement and seeking to either move up in the chain of command, or completely change careers, Careers Plus Resumes can help you reach the next level.