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Expected 6% Job Growth by 2029 (Faster than Average)

Marketing Managers

Marketing professionals manage advertising campaigns and promotions for company brands by conducting market research, analyzing trends, and developing metrics to improve performance. By the year 2029, marketers will see an increase in job opportunities by 6%, adding roughly 18,800 jobs to the workforce according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median salary for a marketing manager is approximately $141,490 per year.

Marketing is an essential part of any business and must be carried out carefully to meet ROI goals. In the resume below, we helped Rachel to accentuate her key strengths and past contributions so she would receive a higher ATS job match rate. As a Channel Marketing Advisor for a major company, Rachel needed to stand out from the competition and market herself as an influential, ambitious, and entrepreneurial candidate who can get results for her clients.

Marketing Sales Resume Sample Page 1
Marketing Sales Resume Sample Page 2

Conclusion of this Marketing Resume

Rachel's resume was very successful in obtaining the results she needed to get noticed by employers by targeting specific keyword phrases such as Channel Marketing, Agency Collaboration, Brand Development, CRM System Utilization, Event Coordination, and several more. We also focused on her ability to oversee budgets of up to $500K and consistently achieve campaign goals through KPI and collateral development initiatives. Some of Rachel's key attributes are listed below.

  • Responsible for building and managing a team of contractor reports responsible for daily go-to-market operations while leading the execution of broker/agent tactical marketing plans and overseeing a $500K budget.
  • Delivered 25% material usage by designing comprehensive sales training plans to educate on marketing grassroots collateral practices.
  • Developed 12 new analytics reports to measure broker/agent usage, where none existed before, which are currently being leveraged to create marketing strategy for 2022 marketing plan.
  • Drove increase in usage of sales portal by 260% from 2019 to 2020.

Marketing is a highly competitive line of work and you must market yourself in a unique way if you want to get noticed by employers.