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Expected 7% Job Growth by 2029 (Faster than Average)

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses provide patient care and education to the public regarding various health conditions and treatments. The demand for healthcare is at an ever-increasing rate and filling positions in hospitals has been overwhelming in recent years. Nursing is one of the most sought after careers and is projected to increase 7% by the year 2029, adding more than 221,000 jobs to the 3 million RNs already in the workforce according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Registered nurses earn a median annual wage of $75,330 as of May 2020 and are required to be licensed to practice healthcare. Other certifications may be required depending on the area of care a nurse is working in.

Submitting a resume that conveys your skills and credentials correctly is very important to get hired for a nursing position, such as providing wound care, med-surg support, patient education, family support, admissions/discharge procedures, medication administration, etc. See below how we transformed Regina's resume into an organized document that displays her nursing skills and experience in a concise manner.

Nursing Resume Sample

Conclusion of Regina's Resume

We were able to capture Regina's main skills using a one-page format by drafting a succinct summary paragraph at the top followed by areas of expertise, career overview, and education/credentials. Below are a few points on how this resume worked well for our client and helped to advance her nursing career.

  • It's focused and organized. The resume is clearly focused on nursing since Regina's career has been entirely in the healthcare industry. This makes it much easier for her to land her next role versus someone making a career change.
  • It eliminates redundancies. Nurses perform a lot of the same duties in each role, so repeating the same information under each job can be exhausting for an employer to read. It's best to combine job functions/responsibilities into bullet points so you don't lose the attention of the reader.
  • It summarizes her older experience. Summarizing older experience is good if you need to show longevity. This is not always the case, but in Regina's case, the potential employer wanted to know how long she had been working in the medical field without dragging the content of the resume out too far.

Writing a nursing resume can be a difficult task if you have a plethora of experience on different units and need to summarize your entire career history without sounding like a novel. The expert writers at Careers Plus Resumes can present your background in a way that captivates the interviewer.